How to name a company? Useful tips for everyone!

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The name of the company is one of the elements that significantly affect its image and brand recognition among customers. Appropriate name of the company is a marketing decision that will affect its further activity. That's why every aspiring entrepreneur thinks about how to name a company and ensure its success.

The name of the company creates its appropriate image among buyers of products. Its selection is an element worth taking care of. First of all, it allows for identification, and secondly, it is the most stable element of a marketing campaign. It seems natural to ask how to name the company?

Each name, both of the company and the product, evokes specific associations, thanks to which the brain can properly categorize them. Therefore, every time we imagine an object, at the same time we are able to recall situations in which it can be used. It is worth using this observation when developing a name for the company, so that customers have positive associations with it.

How to name a company?

It is understood that the appropriate name for the company should be simple and easy to remember. A good way is to arrange it in such a way that it is not too long, it will avoid problems with remembering, and will also help with filling in all kinds of forms in offices. At the same time, it should be easy to spell and pronounce. When creating it, it is worth pronouncing it several times, because in the course of activity we will certainly give it several times a day and it is better that it does not cause problems for both the speaker and the writer.

What other criteria should be taken into account when developing a brand?

  1. Memorable. How do I know if a term is easy to remember? It is enough to conduct a short test among friends. It consists of saying the name, preferably when they are busy, and asking for it after a few hours. If they remembered it, it means that the name is catchy and will certainly also be remembered by potential buyers while doing business.

  2. Recognizable. The essence of naming a company is to make it recognizable among other companies distributing similar products or services. First of all, it is a name that brings positive associations and is original.

  3. Matched. The name should be in harmony with the company's business profile and describe what the company offers as best as possible. At the same time, it should also reflect the ideas of people to whom the product or service is offered. Choosing the right brand for this criterion is extremely simple and is based on a survey-questionnaire, on the basis of which it will be possible to develop a name that is attractive to the recipients of the goods proposed by them. Then you need to think carefully about the values ​​you are offering your customers. On the basis of the obtained data, a database of words that are most associated with the collected information should be developed. Having them, you can create an interesting name for an enterprise or company.

  4. Available. Anyone planning to create a name for their company must take this into account. Before you can start using your invented brand, check its availability. This can be done in several places: in the search engine of the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland, in the Google search engine or in the United States Patent and Trademark Office database (the last one for those who plan to operate outside the country). Nowadays it is necessary to check the availability of a WWW domain under a given name. If our company is going to be called e.g. 123456, then let's first check if it is possible to buy a domain with such a name and with an extension for a given country.

Names for international companies

All entrepreneurs planning to operate in other countries, in addition to following the above guidelines, should take into account two more elements. First of all, the fact that Polish diacritics (e.g. ę, ą, ż, etc.) are not included in the names of their companies, as well as double characters (dz, rz), because their pronunciation and writing or remembering can be a real problem for foreign contractors.

Before registering a domain, it is also a good idea to check what it means in the languages ​​of the countries where you intend to offer products. It may turn out that the meaning is ridiculous or indecent, and this is not what the connotation is about.

Likewise, it is not worth adding your last name to the company name, even if it is very popular. The reason for this is very simple. It may turn out that in a few years the owner will want to sell his business, which will become much more difficult if the brand is associated with a specific person. Of course, we do not mean the requirement to register a sole proprietorship in which the owner's name must appear, only the brand under which it appears.

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How to name a company - ideas

Where to get inspiration to create your own company name? It turns out that there are many sources. You can even use a dictionary of foreign languages. When browsing through it, we choose the word that caught the eye and after checking its meaning, we take it as the name of the company.

You can also try to create a neologism from two or more words, or try to use wildcard words and use them to form a word game name. Both can help create an interesting and eye-catching brand for potential customers.

It is also worth taking into account the buyers themselves, as well as people closely cooperating with the enterprise. The name should be easy to remember and write down. There is no need to forcibly develop a name that includes words from a foreign language if the users cannot remember them.

If no sensible ideas come to mind, you can always try to hire a professional. Coming up with relevant and interesting names for companies is the domain of so-called naming agencies. The specialists employed there have extensive knowledge of what to use and what elements to pay attention to.

Finally, a note: a properly selected name can determine the company's success, so the brand should be the result of the creation process and recognition of what is happening on the market.

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