How to write a job advertisement on a professional advertising portal?

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The need to find an employee nowadays is a huge challenge that requires a lot of energy from the employer, incurring costs, but also consistency in looking for the perfect candidate. How should we increase our chances of finding the perfect candidate? By writing an appropriate job advertisement. What should a job advertisement on a professional advertisement portal contain and where should we place it?

Why is it important to write a job advertisement?

Let's try to answer the question what impact a good and attractive job advertisement on a professional advertising portal has on a successful recruitment. It is this short advertisement that is the showcase of our company and actually determines how many people will decide to apply for the position. This first line of contact may, on the one hand, make the user reading the advertisement delighted with the aesthetics and graphic design, but due to the small number of details, he will not decide on applications. On the other hand, a job advertisement can be very specific, but the visual layer repels employees.

If we want to find an employee quickly and efficiently, we must balance these two areas and increase the probability of finding the perfect candidate by publishing a job offer on as many job advertisements as possible.

What elements must be included in a professional job advertisement?

What should absolutely appear in a job advertisement? First of all, information about the proposed position, along with its full name. A good offer should contain a short note about the organization. This is an element that should not be discussed too much. Employees rarely analyze this part of the job advertisement.

Candidates, however, analyze the section with job requirements very carefully. This is where we should include all the information we expect from employees, what skills and competences the candidate should have, including both technical and non-technical ones.

Of course, no job offer can do without information on what the company offers in return for taking up a position in the company. It is not only about remuneration, but also all additional benefits such as remote work, medical care, multisport card and many more.

Concretes, specifics and specifics once more

What deters candidates most from submitting their application to our job offer? First of all, there are no details. Anyone who decides to take such a serious step in life as a job change wants to know everything important about the new employer, his new position, expectations towards him, and all the benefits of changing jobs.

According to the analyzes of hundreds of job offers, it was established that the key information for candidates is related to remuneration, requirements, and the scope of duties. In the past, it was in vain to search for information on the salary range in advertisements. Fortunately, this changes over time and now we can find such information more and more often in many job offers. It is possible that over the next few years, salary data will be a mandatory part of any free job advertisement.

If we do not provide specific data about the position we propose, we should not be surprised that hardly anyone will decide to buy a pig in a poke.

Is it worth following the example of the best?

What if we are inexperienced in creating good and convincing job offers? It's nothing. Every employer has to create their first advertisement sometime. Fortunately, now each of them has a great field to be inspired by the offers of the largest companies.

By browsing the effective job offers of large organizations from the IT industry or from other industries, we can become willing to apply for this position. Where does this phenomenon come from? Perfect job advertisement design. The largest companies do not only contain precise information about the offer and care for the aesthetic layer. More than that, a target candidate is tempted to apply.

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It is about, among other things, the right message that is to reach a specific recipient. How to understand? Having a vacant position, let's create a model employee, taking into account his age, education, interests and character traits that would be ideal from the employer's position. Under such a model candidate, called a persona in the methodology, we should write a job advertisement. Using such a trick, you will quickly notice that the response will be much greater than in the case of a dry job advertisement filled with specific information.

Is it worth using the services of professional classifieds websites?

Now that your job advertisement has been created, it's time to publish it. This is another dilemma that every employer looking for a candidate for a new position will experience. On which portals should I place my ad? Preferably on everyone.

The more websites our offer includes, the wider group of people browsing various websites will pay attention to the work we offer. However, it is worth focusing on those professional classifieds portals that aggregate data on all available job offers. It is these types of websites, containing current job offers from all over Poland, that have the greatest reach and are the most popular.

In that case, is it worth using those websites that offer paid placement of a job advertisement? Yes, if we really want to fill a vacancy as soon as possible. Such paid services guarantee better visibility of the advertisement as well as promotion of it. Such paid advertisements are also useful when we are looking for an experienced specialist who should be characterized by a narrow field of knowledge. A job advertisement on a professional classifieds website is therefore worthwhile.

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