How to write good advertising text for Google Ads?

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The appearance of your website in search results is only the first step to success. Another and the most important is the interest of the e-consumer and encouraging him to move from search results to your website. This is the best way for your product or service to fall into its virtual basket. The customer most often enters this path, encouraged by an interesting advertising text in the search engine. How to write effective content for Google Ads?

The structure of the Google Ads ad text - 8 tips

Your advertisement must be unique and at the same time faithful to the convention. Usually, the greatest difficulty is to make the offer as short as possible. Savings in the use of the number of characters and the use of short, relevant arguments are the most important issues when creating a good ad text for Google Ads.

To write an effective ad on Google, it's best to stick to the proven structure and language solutions:

  1. Ask a question and answer it right away. Are you looking for a warm winter jacket for a child? We have tons of designs and colors for boys and girls!
  2. Reach for the feature of your offer that distinguishes it from the competition. Do you offer a discount on the advertised product or product category? Or maybe you provide free shipping regardless of the value of your purchases? Highlight it! However, make sure that the promotions you use in Google Ads as an argument are up-to-date.
  3. Think about what features of your company may be important, although they apply to the entire offer, not just the specific advertisement. 24h service, central location close to a popular tram stop? Be sure to mention it!
  4. Write uniquely. Try to stand out from the competition. See how others communicate in Google Ads, but treat their words only as inspiration. Don't look for similarities - "bite" the topic in your own way.
  5. Bet on keywords. Place them in both the headline of your ad and description. If your ad includes a phrase from a user's query, Google will make it bold. The bold text will certainly attract the attention of the Internet user.
  6. Write in the language of benefits. If you want to emphasize a feature of your offer, highlight it as such that brings benefits. For example, do not write about the 180-hour English language course from B2 to C1 level, but about the fact that thanks to it, the client will speak fluent English in a year.
  7. Take care of the tone appropriate to the advertised product. Another language should be used to write an advertisement for mourning clothing, and another - for children's clothes or sports outfits.
  8. End your ad text with a call to action. Order today! Check the offer! The most popular CTAs (call to action) do not always work for your advertisement. Try to get a unique advertising message tailored to your offer. Test selected solutions, comparing the number of passes from the ad with a specific CTA on the landing page.

How to write texts for Ads - the most important Google recommendations

  1. Highlight what is unique in your offer. Are you the exclusive distributor of a given brand in Poland? Congratulations! Write about it. Do you offer free shipping, a long return period or a two-digit discount? Be sure to mention it.
  2. Follow the rule of inaccessibility. Is the promotion for the advertised products or services ending soon? Or maybe the deadline for accepting orders that your e-shop will manage to complete before Christmas will pass soon? Provide this information in Google Ads.
  3. Use a call to action that clearly shows the profile of your business. Do you run an audiotek? Write: register today. Are you a handyman? You will reach customers, e.g. using CTA: request a quote. Are you a psychologist? A good CTA is: call us and make an appointment.
  4. You don't have to limit yourself to one keyword for your entire ad, but remember that you need to include the main phrase in the headline. "Start an English course in Poznań" is a perfect example. Repeat the phrase "English course in Poznań" later in the text, you can include in it, among others: Poznań learning English.
  5. You need to adapt an ad in Google Ads not only to the audience, but also to the device on which it will be read. Remember that your ad shows differently on mobile devices. This is especially important if most of your clients are under 24 years of age.As shown in the report "E-commerce in Poland 2020" (prepared at the request of the Chamber of Electronic Economy and Gemius), as many as 92% of the youngest e-consumers shop online using a smartphone. High school students or students often start looking for new headphones, shoes or a skateboard by entering the appropriate phrase into the Google search engine. How do I adapt my Google Ads ad to mobile devices? First of all, consider that future customers may urgently search for a product or service, so complete your ad with contact and address information - take advantage of Google Ads location and connection extensions. In addition, if you direct the user from the advertisement to the website, it is always to the one adapted to mobile devices.
  6. Google also has explicit guidelines for the editing of advertising texts. These include: no language errors (stylistic, spelling, punctuation), no use of emoticons, no phone number in the text of the advertisement, no use of unnecessary spaces (e.g. k u r s instead of a course), the need to provide the name of the offered product or service.

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How to check ad performance in Google Ads?

Despite maintaining the best standards when writing text for Google Ads, CTR (click-through rate) may vary depending on the headline, selected keyword, described promotion or the CTA used. Do you want to choose the best version of the ad text? Opt for A / B testing. By comparing the CTR results of several different ads leading to the same landing page, you will see which text converts best.

Google offers yet another solution - flexible search engine ads. What are they about? It is content that changes depending on the user and the device he is using. Thanks to this, the Internet user will see the version of your advertisement best suited to their needs. The choice will be made by the Google algorithm.

Flexible Ads require the creation of several versions of the ad and headlines. The ad performance testing algorithm will create different combinations of headlines and content, so the most important thing is that they match in any combination. Flexibility is important for several more reasons. First, this type of ad automatically adjusts to different screen widths. Second, the content is also flexible in terms of localization. The advertisement may be displayed, for example, in accordance with the real location of the user or the place they are interested in.

The basis of a well-edited advertisement is perfect knowledge of the recipients and their needs. To do the right research, you can use existing data, such as reports or research conclusions. Also follow the actions of the competition and establish a dialogue with consumers yourself, e.g. in social media or by sending surveys to people subscribed to the newsletter. With such knowledge, it will be much easier for you to prepare a good advertising text for Google Ads that will interest your target group. Remember to follow the guidelines above when writing.