How to write a CV? Some good tips

Service Business

An employer who is currently recruiting receives several hundred CVs every day in response to the advertisement. With such a large number of candidates, the person reviewing the submitted CV does not have too much time to read them very carefully and in detail.

Therefore, it is important that your CV is clear, legible and, above all, that it has this "something" that will distinguish it from others. This is what depends on whether a potential employer will pay attention to you and invite you to an interview.

So what to do to impress the recruiter with your CV?

Contact details in the CV

It is important that the recruiter has as many options as possible to contact you. In your CV, put a telephone number and, additionally, an e-mail address. However, remember to start building your image from this point on. Do not use a nickname or number in your e-mail address. Ideally, it should include your first and last name or just the last name. Thanks to this, you will inspire confidence.

Work experience in a CV

At this point, you should best present a picture of your current responsibilities. The very name of the position does not say anything about the scope of tasks that you performed within it. Therefore, describe comprehensively what you have been doing.

Not all companies are popular and well known. The person who reads your CV does not need to know each of your employers. When entering the name of your former workplace, you can briefly describe what the company does.

Additional skills in the CV

Provide a clear picture of all your skills for the position you are applying for. Also mention those that could set you apart from other candidates.

Finally, after creating your CV, read it and evaluate it fairly and objectively. If you were an employer who received this CV, would you be interested in it? Would you decide to contact the author and invite him to an interview? Sometimes the key to success is the ability to change roles and see the world through the eyes of the recipient. If you want writing inspiration, find resume templates written by professionals online.