How to write an article for the Internet media?

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Content marketing is currently one of the most effective methods of promotion on the Internet. This type of marketing, as the name suggests, is based primarily on content creation. A well-written text attracts readers to the website, helps to sell the product on the company's website and allows you to increase the number of website users. That is why knowledge about how to write in general, and in particular how to write a press article for the needs of contemporary Internet media, turns out to be extremely useful.

Article life cycle

Due to the modern media, it is worth focusing primarily on texts posted online, and not necessarily in the printed press. This is also due to the durability of such texts - the life cycle of an article in a journal is one day, in a weekly - one week, in a monthly - one month. On the other hand, text on a website usually stays there much longer, very often forever or as long as a given website or blog exists.

That is why it is worth spending a few minutes to find out how to write an article that will bring us satisfied readers, and above all, website users.

How to write an article on a catchy topic?

The matter seems obvious - you should write about a topic that is interesting for the readers of our website. If the boss or client does not impose the topic on us, it is worth finding out what content is currently on top, what is eagerly read and what information readers are looking for. But how do you find all this information?

Of course, it is irreplaceable to do the basics, which is simply to browse through the pages of the competition. It is also worth using the tools intended for this. One of them is Semstorm, which allows you to find out what phrases brought Internet users to our website as well as to other similar websites.

A review of competitors' websites in Semstorm is a mine of useful information. We will find out which keywords make a given website high in search results, what traffic it is, and also get article topics to write for your website.

Another tool that is useful for finding the best themes is Buzzsumo. Buzzsumo allows you to check which articles with a given phrase are the most popular on the web. Thanks to this tool, we also learn how many shares they had on social networks.

However, apart from that, it is worth using other sources of obtaining information about the latest trends. These include, among others, the generally available Google Trends tool, thanks to which we obtain information about the popularity of selected topics or keywords in the Google search engine over the last days or years. Thanks to the information obtained, we know how to write an article, because we anticipate trends for the coming year and thus prepare for the development of specific topics.

How to write an article? Start with a plan!

Proper planning is very important during the implementation of each project. By creating a plan of the individual stages of the project, we make our work easier, because we always know what stage we are at and what to do next. The same is true for writing articles. Since we already know what topic we are going to write about, it is worth planning what exactly the text will contain and write it out in points.

Thanks to this approach to creative work, we avoid unnecessary digressions and side threads, and the article is coherent and factual. What's more, our work is more effective because proper planning reduces the time needed to create a text.

Use readable headings and paragraphs

Do we already know how to write an article thanks to the above tips? We are definitely closer to the full answer to this question. It is also worth paying attention to several technical elements related to its appearance.

Compact, uninterrupted text is difficult to read. For greater comfort and better clarity, it is worth using paragraphs, subheadings and dividing individual threads of the statement.

Dividing an article into sections also allows you to systematize the information and arrange it more logically.

Such presentation of the content is especially important when posting the text on the web. We live in the era of information overload - Internet users are used to quickly scouring the content presented to them. Therefore, no one reads text written in a string in which nothing stands out. Headlines are a kind of advertising slogans. On the one hand, they talk about what is underneath them, and on the other hand, they arouse curiosity and encourage people to read the entire text.

How to write an article in style?

The style of writing an article, of course, largely depends on the author. You can and should adapt a specific text to a specific group of its recipients, but you should remain yourself during creative work.

However, you have to remember that the article is on a topic. It is a good idea to establish the keynote of the text and stick to the main thread when writing. The article is intended for the recipient, not for the author, so use clear phrases and a specific language, it is better to give up professional terminology or complex foreign phrases. In the text, we share our knowledge and experience, propose solutions to the problems faced by the readers, but the content should be presented in a friendly manner, without pretending to be a sage, because it may have the opposite effect to the intended one.

When choosing the time in which to write a text, try to keep it as long as possible throughout the article. The confusion of verb forms creates the impression of disorder and chaos.

It is similar with specifying the form of addressing the reader of our text. If we use the singular from the beginning, let's do so until the end, if the plural, we should stick to it consistently until the end of the article.

Theoretically, we should not even talk about spelling and stylistic errors, but ... experience shows that it is worth mentioning. You should always double-check the text in this regard and double-check any doubts.

Introduction and conclusion of the article

A school example of an essay, based on three components - introduction, development and ending - is of course commonly used, but it is not worth getting used to the rigid scheme.

The introduction of the article should not be too long, as it may discourage the reader from reading it. It is also not worth dwelling too much on what will happen next. For a modern recipient, specific information presented in a concise and concise manner counts. To a large extent, it depends on the effective introduction whether the reader will delve into the rest of the text.

Let's watch out for "contradictory" articles, in which the punch line appears only at the end, and the whole article perversely contradicts it. Some people do not always read the article to the end and we can achieve the opposite effect to the intended one.

How to write an article to make it look good?

Of course, the article is primarily content, but the uniform text is hard to digest and discourages reading. Therefore, you should remember to diversify the article, for example by adding graphic elements.

Readers are visual learners, so it is good to introduce charts, graphics and tables showing the data presented in the article. Even if you do not have the data, add a few photos illustrating the topic. Make a screen and paste it into the text. Highlight a particularly important fragment, e.g. put it in a table, bold it or present it in a different color. Infographics are very popular these days. If possible, create it and include it in the article. Let him summarize the main theses of the articles, provide the most important data, and present the raised threads in a graphic form.

The text prepared in this way has a good chance of being much better received by the recipient. This increases the chance that the reader, after hitting the text, will stay longer on our website and want to read the whole thing.

How to write a well-optimized article?

Usually an article describes a specific topic. We mentioned the main thread that the article should be about. You can certainly find a keyword related to a keynote. It is worth checking the number of searches, e.g. in the Google AdWords keyword planner. If it has more than zero number of searches (usually it's better if it is more than a few hundred searches per month), it is worth optimizing the text for such a phrase.

How to do it? The selected keyword, unchanged by cases, should be included in the article title (usually the H1 heading), in the title tag, and in the description meta tag. In addition, the content of the text should contain them at least several times. It is worth to appear in the headers (usually headers specified in the website code as H2 and H3). If the article contains photos, the phrase can also be added to the alt and titile descriptions of the specific image. You just have to remember to strike a balance between optimization and usability for the user.

The article is actually aimed at the reader, not at Google robots. Therefore, optimizing each text requires attention and time. However, well-optimized text has a much higher chance of being high in search results. And if it also meets the needs of the recipients in an interesting way, it has a chance to get traffic for a given website, and if it is a company website, then also potential customers for the company.

We hope that the tips given above answer the question posed in the title about how to write an article. However, you always have to remember to use common sense when creating articles for websites. It is you who write and, as the author, you have the right to apply whatever solutions you think will be best in this particular case.