How to communicate with your supervisor?

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Author: Małgorzata Majewska, expert of

Good communication with your supervisor is important for both parties. It is worth taking care of it from the very first days in a new company. There are five important aspects to keep in mind when talking to and contacting your manager, especially during the first days of your new job and during your probationary period:

  • follow the instructions of your supervisor,
  • ask your supervisor questions,
  • report any problems and report the results of your work,
  • listen carefully to your supervisor,
  • present the results of your work.

The following tips are important, especially during the trial period. Your supervisor will certainly be watching how you are doing. So try to do your best.


When talking to your supervisor, focus your full attention on the person speaking. Try not to be distracted and not pay attention to what is happening around you.

Listen and watch

Pay attention to the words. If you hear unfamiliar words or terms, ask for an explanation. Remember that listening also means interpreting body language, tone of voice, and gestures. If non-verbal communication is confusing to the words you say, ask your supervisor to explain what you don't understand. Sometimes the manager demonstrates how to complete the task. If necessary, it makes sense to ask him or her to repeat the process until you understand it completely. Sometimes this task may be too complex or too time-consuming to be shown. In such cases, you should be given appropriate instructions. If there are any details that you do not understand, ask for help to complete the task - encourages Małgorzata Majewska, an expert of


After you have listened and seen how to complete the assignment, ask questions. A good supervisor will encourage you to ask questions. It is always better to ask than to make a mistake by not understanding a command.

Take notes

Write down all important points to remember in a notebook. Don't take notes while your boss is translating or demonstrating the assignment - do it during the break.

Practice the task

With the consent of your supervisor, complete the task assigned to you. Make sure you fully implement them. If you need special tools - after completing the task, put it back in place and clean the workplace. Do not leave the work unfinished - advises Małgorzata Majewska.