How long does website positioning take?

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The question most often asked by the average customer is how long web positioning takes. Let us therefore consider how long it takes for the recipient to notice the effect of SEO activities.

Usually, the correct answer to such a question is the statement that achieving the optimal results of website positioning depends primarily on the plan created for it. This, in turn, depends primarily on the positioning agency and whether it sticks to the previously set assumption. It is said that in such a case positive changes can be noticed after just two months.

Some SEO experts say that the first positive changes can be felt within 30 days, but only in the case of simple phrases. Sometimes, when considering the most competitive phrases, SEO can take up to 12 months. It turns out that it is not easy to determine exactly how long the promoted pages will take in the search results. Given that there are many factors that must be taken into account, it often turns out that giving a specific date can only be made after analyzing the existing situation.

What is positioning and what does it consist of?

Positioning is the process of obtaining the highest possible position for selected phrases in the search results of an Internet search engine. In addition to the mechanisms that are used by positioners, such as: placement of relevant keywords, changes to algorithms by Google or the technology used to build the website, there is also a psychological factor that also affects whether a given website is ranked high in search results or found in remote places.

The basis from which the development of the action plan begins is based on deciding on several factors: determining the type of website - whether it is a website or a website with its subdomains, what is the content and structure of the website, the strength of competition is considered and the current the position of the promoted website. Additionally, the existence of interesting phrases and the budget allocated to promotional activities are taken into account. This means that the achieved positioning effect very often depends on the position achieved, the competition of the website, its structure and goals.

Given that so many factors influence SEO, it can be assumed that it is extremely difficult to accurately estimate the time it takes to see positive effects. Especially that many of the above-mentioned factors are not always directly influenced by positioners.Therefore, the expected period in which the client can expect results is best to approximate and make him aware that the entire process is a complex system of dependencies that affect the achieved positions.

What factors influence positioning?

Therefore, let's consider how individual positioning elements affect the positions achieved by the promoted websites. Let's start with issues such as industry, competition and the selection of appropriate key phrases.

It is worth remembering that the time needed for positioning very often depends on the industry in which the company interested in the promotion operates. Additionally, a very important factor is how many competing companies position their websites. It will take much longer to promote websites in such fields as finance or pharmaceuticals. The general rule adopted by positioners is that the more you can do in a given area, the more money goes with it.

At this point, key phrases are very often used for positioning. Of course, the relationship is that the more competitive (meaning they are either the most popular or controversial), the more difficult it is to position themselves.

An experienced SEO specialist will be able to more or less determine the time needed to promote the website, knowing the industry. Nevertheless, you always have to remember that you will not get very good results in a few days or months, having as competition sites that have been positioned for years. It takes some time to catch up with and overtake competing sites.

Then, consider the factors related to the construction of the website, i.e. the technologies used, its age and the speed of changes. In order to estimate the time needed to improve the website, you also need to analyze the construction of the website, because it is of great importance in the case of positioning. It happens that some of them can be promoted much easier than others.

Positioning is an activity that allows you to prepare a website for adoption by Google robots. However, sometimes due to the technical solutions used and the problems they cause, it takes time to work around the inconvenience.

Another issue is the age of the site in question. The longer a domain exists on the Internet, the more credible it is to Google and worth placing it on the first page of search results. For websites that are less than a year old, they need to attract attention in other ways, such as frequent updates or the publication of additional content.

Very often, positioning is extended in time because of the reluctance of customers to publish additional information, update or introduce changes more frequently. Obtaining the data needed for positioning may also be a problem, which also adversely affects the time of promotion.

Another element of attention is the algorithm changes introduced by Google. Each year, the company makes around 500 changes to the algorithms, which can also be supplemented with smaller additions or corrections. For this reason, it is difficult to estimate the exact time that is required for positioning.

A similar situation occurs when considering the page indexing speed by Google. Also, the positioners have no influence on this factor. This is due to the fact that Google robots only download parts of the page's code. This means that a significant amount of time is needed to re-index the entire page by Google robots along with optimization changes, but it can be difficult to estimate this time.

Positioning and content

One of the most important elements in positioning is the content on the website. It is important that the information on it is reliable, but also unique. The fact that the website contains articles that cannot be found on other websites helps a lot in positioning. It is best if they are created by professionals who also have knowledge in the field of positioning.