How to be happy at work?

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A happy employee is a better employee. Currently, more and more attention is paid to the non-financial aspects of employment. Experts note that workers are no longer seeing work solely as a piggy bank, and employers are seeing that treating workers as machines does more harm than potential benefits. Find out how to be happy at work and how to get satisfaction from it.

Appreciate what is

Try to focus on what you have. Don't look too far into the future, don't make your happiness dependent on whether something will happen in the future. Don't dwell on the past. Of course, it's always worth dreaming, dreams motivate to action, it is only important that they are real - a bar set too high instead of mobilizing to action will cut wings. Appreciate the present as something you can only be sure of, something that you are experiencing and actively shaping.



Do you see the world in gray colors every day? Try to see something positive each day. Make a list of the daily positives - rays to light up the darkness of the routine - start with three, then gradually build up the list.

Don't compare yourself to others

Everyone is different, so it makes no sense to compare yourself to someone else. Your friend got a promotion, and you are not getting on with the task again? It doesn't mean she's great and you are hopeless. Everyone works with their own rhythm. Talk to the employer about your responsibilities, career development, if you need help - ask for it. The frustration of comparing yourself to other employees won't change anything, whining won't make you a better employee. Work on the organization of work, if you cannot cope with something, try to improve your qualifications. Show the employer that you are trying and he will appreciate you.


Make a table consisting of three columns, in the middle place the names of the employees with whom you compare yourself most often, on the left write what you think is inferior to this person and better on the right. You will know what to work on.

Remember that there are no perfect people, everyone has some complexes, weak points. It is possible that the person you envy at work sets you as a role model.

Set yourself realistic goals

Don't take your hoe into the sun. Be ambitious, but within common sense. Remember that people who have clear and precise goals are happier, their lives have meaning, they strive for something. It is important that the goals are not empty hopes, like New Year's resolutions. You will be satisfied only with goals that you can achieve, each step closer to the goal will be a small success.

Remember, everyone can have a bad day. You can't always work 100%. Don't feel bad about it. Even geniuses need to rest sometimes! Not every day you get a Nobel Prize.

Cultivate Commitment

Don't get burnout. Engage in the activities entrusted to you. Try to vary the responsibilities. Answer yourself honestly, does your job make you feel that you are doing something important and valuable? Do you feel needed?


Think about what makes your commitment drop. Try to avoid these situations.

Leave personal matters at home

Try to separate your personal life from your professional life. Of course, sometimes it is not easy or even impossible. In extreme cases, it is better to take time off than to get distracted from work. When this is impossible, remember that other employees also have a personal life and are not necessarily eager to hear about your problems. On the other hand, when you really have big problems, you can ask your co-workers for help, you spend a lot of time with them, they know you, they will certainly react empathically and will help you, e.g. by organizing an employee fundraiser for you.

Take care of your surroundings

You spend most of your day in the office. The arrangement of space, the amount of light and colors can affect your well-being. A small change can make you feel a lot better and therefore work more efficiently.


You can start changes in the immediate environment from your desk. Clean them up once a day. You can also decorate, give it individuality.

Remember about balance

Have you heard about life - work balance? This philosophy says that in order to be happy, one must strive to achieve a balance between private life and work. Don't neglect your personal and social life. First of all, remember about a healthy diet and a daily dose of exercise. Meet with friends and participate in cultural life - it's really important for your development. Reward yourself and be good to yourself. First of all, learn to rest.


During the week, try to take a "mini vacation" - go to the park, cafe. Do something for yourself (hairdresser, beautician), give yourself a little pleasure (buy flowers or a new plate, paint your nails).

Thanks to the change, you will break free from old patterns, you will look at everyday matters with a fresh eye.