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On behalf of InDM, we cordially invite you to participate in the in Digital Marketing conference.

During the event, respected specialists from Poland, people with an unconventional approach to the industry and vast experience, including These are the founders of advertising agencies, directors of marketing departments of powerful companies and irreplaceable experts.

The program includes:

  • Post-Covid Marketing; status for 2021 - analysis of trends in brand communication based on the winners from Cannes Lions and Mixx Europe 2021. | Filip Beźnicki, Havas Media

What impact did the pandemic have on building brands and effective communication? How to communicate to a new consumer so that communication is more than hype and build brands that matter? How have the consumer's needs changed and who is best able to capture these changes?

Analyzing the selected winners of the Cannes Lions and Mixx Europe 2021 competitions, I will show the key trends that shaped communication in 2021 and which will set the directions for brands in Poland and around the world for the future.

  • Good insight, or how to explore the motivations of potential customers and base a brand on them? | Marta Jaskulska,

Dobry Insight is like the Golden Grail in marketing communication.
These - seemingly simple - a few words have a huge impact on marketing effectiveness. It results from an insight into human nature and the impulses that guide man and his motivations.
And although everyone wants to work on the basis of good insight, only a few know how.
Does working with insight really have to be such a big challenge? You will find the answer in my speech.

  • In search of ideas for interesting, multi-channel advertisements - advice from the creative department. | Bartosz Walat, VMLY & R

Creative solutions used in advertising can be repetitive, so coming up with something new is a maneuver between what has been working for years and what is currently in the trend. Okay, can it be brighter? You can. Therefore, during the lecture, we will come up with a big idea. Or you know what, we'll come up with a big idea and a series of ideas for a campaign. I encourage you to participate, you will get ideas for free.

  • How much does our attention cost? Analysis of rates and good advertising practices on Facebook. | Jan Zając, Sotrender

* analysis of average CPM & CPC

* differences between industries - who spends the most, who spends the least

* what to avoid in order not to overpay - the most common mistakes

* actual data - over 20k Polish campaigns from 2021.

  • Professional influencer marketing - how to separate box denouncements from measurable specifics. | Kamil Bolek, LTTM

Influencer marketing offers many possibilities. Brand ambassadors can simultaneously perform a sales function, build a positive brand image, increase trust and credibility. Accurate selection of creators is a key task in any successful influencer marketing campaign. The problem is that most of the knowledge about influencers now comes from the headlines of gossip websites, analyzes with dubious methodology and pointless data ... It's time to deal with a few myths, identify the most common mistakes, tackle the biggest scams in the industry and show how it should be look like a professional influencer marketing.

  • Content in postcovid reality. Prescriptions for 2021 without the risk of complications. | Agnieszka Chacińska, Wavemaker

Is pandemic content already passé? What are the complications for brand communication and what will remain with us? How (regardless of subsequent waves) to instill communication in consumers, creating content adequate to the current expectations of customers towards brands? How to plan content in times of uncertainty? How to translate the changes accelerated by the pandemic into effective advertising messages? Together, we will go through examples of campaigns that will answer these questions. We will also look at the trends that are particularly worth paying attention to when creating outfits next year.

  • Pay attention to the evolution in the media, i.e. the new dimension of designing an omnichannel communication strategy. | Łukasz Zaleśny, OMD

The declining importance of traditional media and thus the digitization of media mixes have a common cause - new consumer behavior in the digital world. People are less tangible to advertisers and brands need to try harder to get their attention. In my presentation, I will tell you what a marketer can do in such a situation to effectively reach his audience.

  • How to capture the attention of viewers. How to write and test spots so that the recipient stays with the brand for up to 2 minutes of advertising. | Karol Modzelewski, AdRebellion

How do you hold viewers' attention? Which means that some ads are viewed even for a few minutes.

Consumers' attention is a grail of brand communication, because without it it is difficult to achieve good results of the campaign.

From this presentation you will learn how to create a spot that will catch the consumer's attention for a long time through a script, creative treatments and simple tests.

  • Video marketing on youtube - tips on how to be effective today. | Karola Chojnowska, Nieagencja

In this lecture you will learn how to successfully run a campaign on YouTube. Does your own channel always make sense? Is cooperation with Youtubers for everyone? What to avoid What to require? Where to start? How long should YouTube activities last? Is YouTube the only video platform worthy of attention?

  • When the logo starts to jump - the role of animation in branding. | Michał Kuczkowski, Opus B

Gone are the days when the company's logo only appeared in print or was pasted on a company car or employees' clothes. With the increase in the presence of video in communication, brands had to start paying more and more attention to what they look "in motion". In the process of creating an image, the language of animation is on a par with corporate colors.

The growing importance of media that prefer animated formats, such as digital, VOD platforms or even ATM screens, also plays a significant role. The old but still popular television cannot be ignored. Many companies or events exist for their audience only in the digital world, for which animation is a natural language of communication.

Should the logo jump? How to add "life" to the message without causing nystagmus in the recipient? We will look at and evaluate the largest ones and learn how to evaluate the projects implemented for us. Such practical knowledge in a nutshell will allow marketers to more effectively assess the quality and value of a given animation and will be a great opportunity to explore the topic.

  • In the mkt strategy process: we translate the designated marketing goal into operational activities. Stages and key decisions. | Albert Stęclik, The Nutcracker

What next? How to arrange a sequence of steps? What to follow? Where are the tipping points? How to make an operational action plan. So from purpose to action! "

  • Overcoming "ad blindness", or how trends and creativity open the eyes of consumers. | Katarzyna Żakieta, CAPEMORRIS

The so-called Advertising blindness is a popular term, but what does it mean today? What are the consequences for creating advertising messages? During the speech, I will talk about this phenomenon and show how to creatively fight it, e.g. by observing trends, involving the community or selecting the appropriate channels and communication.

  • Creative ad layer - creatives in practice. | Magda Kosterkiewicz, Anton Kirichenko, MTA Group (Quality Score)

The creative layer of advertisements is not only a necessity without which we are unable to launch the campaign, but also the most important element of our promotions for the recipients.
It is creation that they meet directly, and it decides whether we will gain and maintain their valuable attention. Therefore, it is worth attaching great importance to it, because it is often the main factor that determines the results of our campaign. A lot also depends on the correct selection of the creation to the target group.
About how the creative approach is used in creating advertisements on the example of Facebook, how to build a creation tailored to the recipients and, above all, how to understand them and create something that will be attractive to them.

  • Preparing the SEM part of the media plan | Sviatoslav Moskalyuk, Performics
  • The art of creating engaging and effective posts on Linkedin (and more). | Adrian Gamoń

During the lecture, you will learn from A to Z how to create posts that attract like a magnet, are attractive to your target group, help you increase the number of followers / contacts and strengthen the image of your company / person. You will learn how the content algorithm works, what are the characteristics of engaging posts, what types of posts are and how it happens that some of them are more likely to be commented on than others.

  • So simple and meaningful, i.e. about UX writing in a product strategy. | Katarzyna Kałwak, Netguru

Scanning the instructions by sight. Account registration. Adding the product to the cart. Ordinary behaviors supported by standard text? Well no, that's where the content creator comes in.

Finding the right information in the right place builds trust. Choosing a tone, matching the style to the recipient and predicting his emotions - this is how you create real commitment.

From a simple button on the page, to being a guide on the customer experience path. We build a brand with words. And I will tell you how to go about this building.

Additional bonuses from joining the event are:

  • Free consultations with speakers during the conference.
  • Access to video recordings of all conference lectures!

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