How much does a call center employee earn?

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Telephone consultants are mostly people during their studies who do not have enough free time to work full-time - but this is not always the case. Check how much he earns call center employee and who can become one!

Call center employee - scope of duties

Depending on the industry, the duties of a call center employee may differ, but the basic tasks of the employee include:

  • contact with a business client,

  • sale of services, e.g. telecommunications

  • advice on the proposed product,

  • maintaining good relations with the client,

  • contact with current clients of the company in order to expand the service package,

  • negotiating contract terms,

  • extending contracts,

  • taking care of the positive image of the company.

Call center employee - requirements

Specialist education or several years of experience in sales is not required (usually) from future call center employees. Recruiters typically require consultants to have the following qualifications:

  • high level of communication and interpersonal competences

  • secondary education,

  • correct diction,

  • willingness to develop and acquire new competences,

  • good knowledge of the Office suite,

  • independence and motivation to work.

Call center employee - earnings

The salary of a telephone consultant depends on:

  • workplaces

  • experiences,

  • company size,

  • type of contract.

People working as telephone consultants, deciding to work full-time, can count on earnings in the range of PLN 1,400 to PLN 2,200 net. The basic salary may be higher due to the fact that most companies offer a commission system.

It should also be noted that the wage base is calculated on the basis of hours worked - from PLN 6 net to PLN 9 net.

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Call center employee - the amount of remuneration depending on the province and city

Depending on the provinces

Depending on the voivodeship, the amount of earnings varies between PLN 1,400 and PLN 2,200 and may be calculated per hand, depending on the voivodeship:

  • Masovian Voivodeship: 2,000 zlotys

  • Pomeranian 1850 zlotys;

  • Lower Silesia 1750 zlotys

  • Wielkopolskie 1600 zlotys;

  • 1900 zlotys in Lesser Poland;

  • Łódź Voivodeship PLN 1600;

  • Silesian 1600 zlotys;

  • Kuyavian-Pomeranian 1700 zlotys;

  • Lublin Province PLN 1650.

Depending on the cities

However, in the following cities, the amount of net remuneration of a call center employee is:

  • Warsaw PLN 2,000,

  • Wrocław 1750 PLN,

  • Gdańsk 1800 PLN,

  • Poznań PLN 2600,

  • Krakow 1900 PLN,

  • Lodz PLN 1550,

  • Katowice 1700 zlotys.

Work of a telephone consultant - benefits, bonuses, types of contracts

  • people working as a telephone consultant are most often employed on the basis of an employment contract,

  • most call center employees find work in large companies with over 250 employees,

  • a telephone consultant can count on bonuses related to the number of concluded contracts or related to the implementation of the sales plan,

  • employers in this industry often offer their employees benefits in the form of vouchers, sports tickets such as MultiSport or private medical care.