How much does a copywriter earn in individual provinces

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Copywriting, which is still confused with the profession of a journalist, is becoming an increasingly fashionable profession on the labor market. A copywriter is a "songwriter" who writes articles on a given topic, product descriptions, creates marketing slogans and mainly deals with the written word in terms of marketing activities. Does the popularity of this profession go hand in hand with high earnings?

Copywriter - scope of duties

The copywriter's tasks will vary depending on the industry chosen by him. The scope of a songwriter's duties is quite broad and requires, above all, creativity. The basic activities of a copywriter include:

  • development of advertising texts - e.g. advertising scenarios and advertising films, slogans, leaflets, invitations or marketing catalogs,

  • work on the company's marketing strategy, development of advertising activities, proposing new implementation assumptions,

  • supervision over the text - the copywriter checks whether the written word has been used correctly and in the intended meaning, e.g. on a leaflet, in addition, in the case of creating a script for an advertisement - the writer's task is to ensure that the actors interpret the issues correctly.

Copywriter - requirements

Below, we present the most important and common requirements that employers place on candidates for copywriters:

  • education - preferred university studies with a journalistic or philological profile,

  • experience confirmed in the prepared portfolio,

  • SEO knowledge,

  • proficiency in naming (creating new names and passwords),

  • the ability to clearly and concisely express emotions,

  • knowledge of the psychology of advertising,

  • interest in trends.

In the copywriter's profile, soft skills include:

  • creativity, spontaneity, creative passion

  • ability to work in a group

  • self-discipline, good time organization,

  • resistance to stress, ability to work under time pressure.

Copywriter - earnings - full-time

The monthly earnings of a copywriter range from PLN 1000/1500 net to even PLN 4000 per hand.

The amount of remuneration for the work of a copywriter differs due to:

  • workplace,

  • sex,

  • experience,

  • education,

  • company size,

  • type of contract.

For the purposes of estimating earnings, I adopt the following profile of a candidate for the copywriter position:

  • completed higher education,

  • at least two years of experience,

  • employment based on an employment contract.

The data was prepared on the basis of questionnaires filled in portals such as

Copywriter - earnings - orders

Equally often is a copywriter's job offer, where the hourly rate or fixed salary is not determined, only the employer presents the amount for the number of characters.

It is difficult to find official data, which clearly shows the rate for 1000 characters, but you can pay attention to the statements of the copywriters themselves:


PLN 3 for 1000 characters is not an exorbitant price. You value yourself as you deserve. Low rates of PLN 1 - PLN 2 per 1000 characters can be afforded by those who have other sources of income.


PLN 5 for 1000 characters - applies to writing "pretzels" or some fillers, which are only supposed to position the page, often do not even have to be correct or compliant.


For less than PLN 5 for 1000 ZSP, it is not worth working, it is exploitation, not labor.

Copywriter - the amount of earnings depending on the province and city

Copywriter's earnings and voivodships

  1. Mazowieckie 3,500 zlotys

  2. Lesser Poland 3000 PLN

  3. Lower Silesia 2,800 zlotys

  4. Greater Poland 2,600 zlotys

  5. Pomeranian Voivodeship PLN 2,500

  6. Silesia 2000 zlotys

  7. Lodzkie 2000 PLN

Copywriter's earnings and cities

  1. Warsaw 3,500 PLN

  2. Krakow PLN 3,000

  3. Gdańsk PLN 2,900

  4. Wrocław PLN 2,850

  5. Poznań PLN 2,800

  6. Katowice 2,050 zlotys

  7. Lodz 1950 zloty

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Copywriter's work - benefits, bonuses, types of contracts

  • approximately 60% of copywriters do not receive a bonus

  • the most common benefits as a songwriter are: tickets to cultural events, private medical care, life insurance,

  • the most common form of employment is an employment contract, but it is worth noting that copywriters are very often freelancers and work in their own companies

  • one gender is not dominant in this profession, both women and men choose the profession of copywriter,

  • The undeniable advantage of a songwriter's work is the ability to work remotely.