Horror movies - dark behind-the-scenes tidbits

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Horror fans like to be scared. The darker the picture the better, because there is something attractive and exciting about fear. Curiosities from horror movie sets can make you shudder even more than the movie itself. Many of them are considered cursed. Check out what happened during their filming.

Horror Movies: Don't mess with the Omen

Omen is one of the most famous horror films around which there are legends. Many inexplicable, tragic events happened during the recording. The father of the devil boy was played by Gregory Peck. He took the role because he did not spend much time with his own son, Jonathan, who committed suicide. The character was torn by the remorse that ruled the actor at the time. While shooting was underway, Peck declined to book the plane. He was extremely lucky because as a result of the crash all his passengers died. Chilling is also the story of John Richardson, who dealt with special effects in the film. After shooting, he went with his partner to the set of another film. On the way, near a town called Ommen (!), The couple had a car accident. The woman lost her head as a result (an accident that looks the same is one of Omen's scenes). That's not all. The IRA planted a bomb under the hotel where the director of the film was staying, and the main character claims that he is haunted by the number 666 his whole life. Sometimes it's hard to believe that everything was a coincidence ...

Horror Movies: Sacrifice of the Spirit

Ghost is unquestionably credited with being one of those horror films that caused the greatest terror behind the scenes. After filming the first part, the actress who played the eldest daughter of the Freeling couple died. She got into an argument with her boyfriend, which ended up strangling her. After the recording of the second part of the film, the actor who played the spirit of the reverend died, and two years later - Will Sampson, in the film The Indian Casting Out Demons from the House of the Main Characters. It's not over yet. It is touching to note that before the shooting of the third part was completed, Heather O'Rourke, the girl who played the main character, died on the operating table. She was only 13 years old. All these events are puzzling and chilling.

Horror Movies: In The Circle of Unexplained Events

The Japanese horror film The Circle is also infamous. During the shooting of the first part, one of the scenes shows a ghostly face reflected in the window, which was not a special effect. The next part also did not spare the team. When the cave recordings were played, it was revealed that someone outside the crew had spoken the name of Rikako. The actors were silent then. If that was not enough, during the playback of the movie Circle 0, in the scene in the dressing room you can see a little hand hidden behind the dress - no one knows whose hand it is and why it was there ...

Such stories give the film an even stronger atmosphere. It is difficult to say whether the curiosities are invented for the purpose of promotion, or whether the plans of such paintings attract evil. Either way, it's hard to believe the coincidences and the stories are shivering.