Home office - how to improve work efficiency?

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Working from home or apartment is slowly becoming the norm. There is no doubt that today the home office has become a part of everyday life. How to improve efficiency by working remotely? We advise.

Prepare a suitable place for your home office

In order to be as efficient as possible in the performance of daily duties, it is most important to create the right mood to work in a specific room. Separate such a place as much as possible from things that may be causing you to lose focus. This applies not only to the correct positioning of the chair and desk, but also to the appropriate soundproofing. So it's not surprising that many people move their work to a room away from the kitchen and bathroom. The room we choose as the main place to work should be minimalist in its appearance. There should be nothing that could distract our attention, so it's worth removing all kinds of unnecessary decorations from the walls.

Convenient remote work

Even if we have prepared the perfect space, we cannot forget about the importance of adequate comfort when working for many hours. Therefore, it is not worth using furniture such as, for example, a sofa or a chair from the kitchen.

You need a good armchair for comfortable and comfortable work. If you plan to work from home for a long time, you should decide to buy it, because it is a remarkable investment in our health and well-being. In addition to that, a high desk is needed, so all kinds of coffee tables fall off. Its top should be up to 100 cm high. The monitor is also of key importance - it should be large, with a clear display. In addition, an easy-to-use keyboard and mouse for which it is worth buying a wrist support.


Physical activity to improve thinking

Physical activity also affects the performance of the home office. If we are very busy, it is not an argument to get up from the computer from time to time and just stretch, or even slightly move the muscles through short and simple exercises. Even a little physical activity during the day can significantly improve concentration. There is also no need to convince anyone that people who actively play sports such as cycling, handball or basketball should find time for short intervals of exercise. Not only will it be healthy for them, but they will also maintain their developed form despite spending long hours in front of a computer or laptop screen.

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