Scouting - is it worth enrolling a child in it?

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"I want to join the scouting" - this sentence has probably heard many parents. However, it is difficult to make a decision if we do not know what our child can actually learn. Of course, we all associate this organization, uniform, some customs, but it's not always clear what this community actually does. What can scouting give a child?

Scouting has many advantages

Scouting is volunteering. Nobody is forcing anyone to participate, the decision must be made by the person who wants to join the ranks of the ZHP. Usually, young people have a lot of energy, a great willingness to help, motivation to act and, above all, a lot of joy. Therefore, it is no wonder that they want to take advantage of it. If they choose scouting for this purpose - perfect. This kind of activity really has a strong influence on a young person. Thanks to participation in various actions, he learns responsibility and absorbs many values. A child often learns to be just a good person, and this is extremely important.

Thanks to scouting, a young man gets to know many valuable people, among whom he can find friends for life. Additionally, he learns to work in a group and becomes more organized. He helps other people and gets great satisfaction from it. It's also worth remembering that scouting is a discipline. Children must be really punctual and complete the tasks assigned to them.

During scout camps, their members learn to be independent. Usually the camp is located in the middle of the forest, thanks to which the child learns how to interact with nature and gets to know it. Such events also help in dealing with various fears and shyness. In addition, the camps are primarily great fun, great, well-coordinated people and amazing adventures that will remain in your memory for a really long time.

Scouting teaches values, patriotism, respect for the motherland, for other people. Membership in this organization certainly shapes the character and educates.

Scouting ... But ZHP or ZHR?

If we decide that we want to enroll a child in scouting, it is worth considering the organization. As you know, there are two unions in Poland: the Polish Scouting Association and the Polish Scouting Association. Of course, in some places we do not have this choice because there is only one team, but in larger cities we usually have to make a decision. How are the two organizations different? The ZHP was founded much earlier, and there are many more members in its ranks. On the other hand, ZHR is an organization more oriented towards the Catholic faith. Almost all superiors are Catholic, and members who do not follow this religion are usually in the process of seeking faith.

Is it worth it?

If only the child expresses such a desire, it is certainly worth enrolling them in scouting. This is a life lesson from which the young man will surely learn a lot. Additionally, in this community he will surely spend a great time and meet amazing people. Plus, whenever she feels she doesn't want to develop that way anymore, she can give up at any time. The experience gained from his activities in scouting will certainly be extremely valuable.