Educational games for children 4-5 years old

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The way our baby develops is largely up to us. This is what he asks us his first questions, it is our reflexes and behavior that he imitates. However, young parents sometimes go overboard, for example, worrying that their child is growing too slowly. Every few-year-olds are different, and the fact that some learn certain skills faster does not mean that there is something wrong with the other children.

A toddler's brain is absorbent like a sponge, so it's a great idea to exercise it from an early age. If we want a 4-5-year-old to learn smoothly, he or she cannot feel forced to do so. Therefore, the best solution are educational games - beautifully presented, full of colors and pleasant sounds, even encouraging to play.

Child development at 4-5 years of age

The most difficult part of this developmental period is the child's curiosity. It is at this stage that the toddler is endlessly asking the question "why?" and we parents should patiently respond to each of them. Experts advise that the answers be kept as short as possible, yet complete. The child is also extremely active, but fails to predict the consequences of his actions. Therefore, you should not leave your toddler out of your sight while playing.

Four-year-olds, and sometimes even five-year-olds, have a problem with distinguishing fiction from reality. Therefore, parents should not worry if their children are still playing with their invisible friends or telling unconventional stories as if they really happened. Four-year-olds also love when they read one fairy tale over and over again - this is another test of patience for parents.

A five-year-old can be very moody and react hysterically to the slightest attempt to contradict him. He is quite selfish and has a hard time understanding that someone may feel different from him. Despite how difficult and burdensome these behaviors may be, they testify to the proper development of a child.

Children at this age can already build sentences, they know about 20 thousand. words. Their movements are more efficient and their fingers more agile. Movement coordination with age is getting better, but even a five-year-old sometimes turns over. They are interested in all forms of play - from painting, through coloring, ending with tag or playing with a ball.

Educational games for children 4-5 years old

Educational games help parents organize ideal conditions for their children to learn through play. Currently on the market you can freely choose from a multitude of proposals. What to remember when choosing an educational game for children 4-5 years old?


Puzzles are a well-proven activity that is enjoyed by not only children, but also adults. Of course, depending on the age range, we will get puzzles with a completely different level of difficulty. Parents must especially remember this so as not to throw the child into too deep water, which will make the child reluctant to play.

How do puzzles affect a child's development? They stimulate the development of the brain, exercise concentration, patience and the ability to think analytically as well as abstractly.

Even adults are extremely pleased with themselves when they manage to complete the puzzle. In such moments, few-year-olds feel like superheroes! On the market, in addition to classic puzzles, 3D puzzles are playing an increasingly important role - eg 3D HOUSE Chatka Baby Jagi or 3D HOUSE Farmer's House. Bricks from which a young artist can build real works of art are an equally good idea.

We imitate adults - playing at home

Children of this age love to play at home. Therefore, it will be a great idea to provide them with the opportunity to develop this passion. Contrary to appearances, it is a very important educational game. Toddlers learn basic behavior and social relationships. Thanks to the enormous imagination of four- and five-year-olds, they can play with friends and colleagues, but also make their favorite stuffed animals for their household members. There is a whole lot of home "devices" available on the market - from kitchen sets, to garden, toy lawn mowers or a set of a small mechanic.

Plasticine, modeling clay, dough

Preschool children love games and activities that develop their manual skills. Therefore, you should not forget to find free time to create and play with dough, clay or modeling clay together. You can build them, but also carve them. Toys in which, for example, you need to string a certain number of beads on a string are also a good idea.

It is worth remembering that this is a special age in the development of each child. Therefore, parents should remember to support his development and germinating passions. Thanks to this, he will gain self-confidence, which will help him, for example, to adapt to the new school environment.