Educational games for teenagers

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One can meet the general opinion of teachers that nothing will force a middle school student to participate in educational games. Children at this time go into a period of rebellion, and everything that their parents or teachers offer them is simply stupid, boring or stupid and boring at the same time. However, there are ways to distract your teenager from his normal rebellious mode and offer him games that will help develop his interests.

Educational games at school

It is a good idea to involve the teacher in organizing lessons that include or involve participation in an educational game. Stimulating competition among teenagers can result not only in having fun - students can discover what really interests them. Experiments are often carried out in chemistry lessons, but what are they?

Usually they change the color of the substance or emit a characteristic smell - at least they are unattractive to demanding middle school students, the more so as students are only passive observers. Each of us remembers the salt-obtaining experiment from the lesson - it was interesting because you could do this task yourself at home and then be able to show the result in front of your peers. That is why it is worth showing children, through experiments or educational games, that learning can be interesting and practical. Purely theoretical lessons are a thing of the past a long time ago - now, to activate young people, you need to use your full pedagogical potential.

Physics or chemistry lessons can be full of experiments and experiments, but what about other subjects? Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best. Example? An English lesson in which the students take part in the game of "The Hanged Man". In this way, they consolidate the vocabulary from various fields of knowledge: culture, geography, etc., and at the same time take an active part in the lesson. Examples can be multiplied to achieve the desired effect, all you need is the teacher's creativity and often using old, but proven methods.

Educational games at home

There is nothing to hide - middle school students prefer to spend their free time outside the home. However, all is not lost - we can offer the teenager a game of Scrabble or suggest him to invite his friends home so that they can play board games together. Monopoly or Eurobuissnes are a thing of the past, the iKnow game will certainly bring a lot of fun and will be perfect as an educational game for middle school students. Attention! The questions are quite difficult, but a large number of hints will surely facilitate the path to winning.

According to junior high school students, educational games are nothing interesting. However, if we look at it from a different perspective, we will certainly manage to somehow involve the young rebel in something that will give him fun and develop his interests.