Google image search - how to do it?

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For many, the Internet has become the first place to look for information on a variety of topics. Most of the inquiries are directed to the network because of the quick and easy-to-use mechanism of obtaining useful data. In order to facilitate the acquisition of the necessary information, the Google search engine provides Internet users with a search function by means of an image. People who have ever found an interesting infographic on the web and would like to learn more about it, or photo authors who have to check that no one is using their photos, can use the Google image search function.

Google image search - what is it?

As you can read on the service's website, Google image search is a function known as an innovative search method in the Google browser. It premiered in July 2001 under the English name of Google Images Search, and appeared in the Polish language version on November 9 a year later. Thanks to a search engine specially prepared for this purpose, you can search the Internet for information about objects visible in a photo or image. To do this, just go to

Four ways to search by image

The image search service is designed to enable all information seekers to find issues of interest based on the introduction of an image, and not only - as has been the case so far - a phrase or a keyword. For this reason, Google has decided to offer four distinct ways to search for information through an image or photo:

  1. The first is the drag-and-drop option. It gives you the option to use an image or photo found directly on the internet. By dragging an image onto the search box, you can add it to the search engine and thus get a list of Google search results.

  1. The second way is to transfer a photo or image directly from the computer you are using. After visiting, just click the camera icon (found in the search box) and select "Send Image". Then select the image you intend to use for the search.

  1. The next option is related to the URL of the image. Based on the web address of our graphic, we can find more information about it. Here, Google requires users to right-click on the image to copy the URL of the image and move it to the search box on There, after pressing the camera icon, select the "Paste image URL" option.

  1. The last way to search is to use the extension available for the Chrome and Firefox search engines. After installing it, all you need to do is right-click on the image you are looking for. Google will automatically search for information for it.

How to search for information via Google image search?

It turns out that image search is a very simple method if we want to find out more about what is in a photo or graphic. We should start the search by finding the photo that interests us. Then we enter the above-mentioned website. As for its layout, it looks exactly like the standard Google search engine. The only thing that has changed is the look of the search box, in which we find three icons:

  • camera,

  • keyboard - text input tool,

  • and a microphone for voice search.

By clicking on the first of them, that is, the camera, we prepare to search with the help of an image. We have three options at our disposal: dragging an image, searching by URL address and loading a photo or graphic from our own computer. After providing the necessary data for the search, click "Image search". We should get a list of search results related to our image.

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Extension for Chrome and Firefox

Google Image Search is an option available to users of the Chrome and Firefox search engines. Google has decided to provide them with the extension, which is recommended as one more, faster way to search using an image. In order to be able to use this method in one of the above-mentioned search engines, it is enough to download the appropriate extension from the Chrome Web Store or by clicking the link with the Firefox software (it downloads automatically).

Searching with Chrome and Firefox is considered to be the faster Google equivalent of this service. According to the representatives of this company, after downloading the extension, you should only hover the mouse over the image, press the right button and get a list of search results.

Google image search and copyright

All graphics posted on Google are copyrighted. This means that their use on own websites requires the consent of the author. It turns out, however, that while sharing the Google function with image search, a solution for people who need photography for commercial purposes has also been introduced.

Advanced image search, located at the following URL:, has been equipped with options related to searching for photos and graphics with the possibility of using them on other websites. With one click, the user can search for the photos he needs. This is guaranteed by the last "Right of use" option. When we expand the slider there, we get five options related to the license to use images available in Google.

We can choose: any license, free use or distribution, as well as free use or sharing, also commercial. In addition, the Google image search option can search for images that are freely modifiable, for both private and professional use.

In addition to searching for the license type, advanced image search will also allow us to find graphics by subject, size, aspect ratio, region and many others.