Google Analytics is an e-commerce tool

Service Business

Nowadays, building a stable company involves multifaceted activities and the use of many tools that will improve reaching the customer and improving the offer that will meet the needs of our recipients. For this purpose, tools are used to track users of our website, analyze statistics and research the causes related to sales failures. One of such systems is Google Analytics. It gives an infinite number of possibilities and collects a lot of options that help many companies from various industries. To use this system effectively, you need to read it thoroughly and choose options that will be useful in improving your brand.

Not all options offered by Google Analytics are necessary and work well in e-commerce. From the wide range of possibilities, we chose those that are worth implementing when running an online store.

Google Analytics, i.e. website traffic under control

In order to observe potential customers who visit our website, we need to install an e-commerce module. Thanks to it, we can track every move of our users. The important information that this option provides us with include:

  • Where did the client come from? He may have found out about us through an advertisement, newsletter, or by finding us by typing keywords in a browser.

  • What subpages he visited. The statistics will show us what our client was interested in when visiting the website. This will enable us to create a personalized offer for him and thus increase his interest in the offer.

  • What products caught his attention. This extremely important information is needed to collect basic data about a potential customer. Based on it, we will verify what the person may want to buy in the future.

  • When and how many times did he abandon the basket. It is also important to know if the potential customer is determined to buy a certain product, or if he is considering and doubting. If he often resigns from making a purchase, we may send him messages that will encourage him to take advantage of the offer. For this, we can use discount vouchers and promotions.

In order to collect the above data about our clients, it is necessary to use the Google Analytics system. Each entrepreneur should therefore carefully consider whether it is not worth using this system to increase his sales.

Google Tag Manager - less waiting, more action

This tool makes it possible to track our customers without the need to interfere with the source code. This way you can observe all events on your website. All activities such as: adding to the basket, choosing the color of trousers, downloading a discount coupon do not lead directly to the purchase, but can trigger it. They are as important as the purchase itself. Not every customer decides to take advantage of our offer right away. There is a group of users who visit our website to learn about our products and to track news. All data from Google Tag Manager is transferred to Google Analytics. This enriches our client's database and thus gives him a better picture.

Who is our client according to Google Analytics

Merely following a user tells us nothing about their gender or where they live. However, in Google Analytics we can verify such information based on demographic data. The appropriate charts show us the age range of most of our users. By analyzing such information, we can draw conclusions who our customers are and to whom our offer is most effectively targeted. This, of course, is not all. It is important to know the interests of our potential customers, and this can also be seen on the chart. Such information is very useful for creating advertising campaigns. If we introduce, for example, a new model of a camera to our store and enrich the product with a few photos of the seaside landscape, a child's portrait and the panorama of Krakow, and the statistics have shown that the seaside landscape is the most popular, we can use this graphic when advertising the camera.

Avoid distortions in the results of Google Analytics analysis

Not only your customers visit your website, but you too. Your clicks are also recorded by Google Analytics and may therefore distort the results of our analysis. There is a way. Internal traffic can be excluded from the data collection process. This way, you will avoid providing erroneous information that could make the statistics unreliable.

The speed of the page loading - it will be checked by Google Analytics

You are well aware that the page loading speed plays an important role in navigating the Internet. If the waiting time for your website to open is too long, it can lead to the page exit or customer irritation and impatience. Such a user will certainly put a big disadvantage in our store. Nobody wants to wait too long for a page to load completely. The Site Speed ​​Report will tell us how long it takes for the page to open. What's more, we can verify the server's response time on individual browsers and in different countries. Optimize those with the longest loading times.

Use of data from Google Analytics

The mere provision of interesting information about the store's website will not increase sales and attract more customers. Nothing happens by itself. What the system will do for us, we must properly analyze and then use it effectively. It is only or even a reliable source of information that can improve the functioning of our store and increase the popularity of our brand.

  • Offer personalization - having an extensive database of individual clients, we can create an individual offer for them. We already know what a given user is interested in, what products they are looking for and what subpages they visit. Now it's time to provide him with what he needs. Send e-mails and newsletters with an offer that presents the product from the database of its interest. On his homepage, post a special offer and the product of the day he would like to buy. Thus, you will increase your chances of selling more products.

  • Advertising - the above-described demographic data that we can observe in Google Analytics will allow us to create a campaign for the appropriate age group and adjust the image to the interests of our customers. Thanks to this, you will increase the interest of your users in advertising new products.

  • Promotions and discount vouchers - they are extremely important in the sales process. The customer is more likely to buy from a seller who gives something back. Show him that it's not just profit that counts for you, but also his satisfaction. By observing the promotions tab, you can verify the interest it arouses. If it is not very popular, it needs more attention and perhaps more promotion.

  • Improving the functioning of the website - our client should navigate our website quickly and efficiently. He cannot wait for a long time for the site to load. If we are concerned about the page opening time, we optimize it and get rid of the problem.

Considering the high competition in e-commerce, we cannot afford to make too many mistakes and neglect our client. It is our task to strive for it and remind us of our existence. Remember that the fight for a large group of consumers is extremely fierce and, as in any competition, there are both winners and losers. If you want to belong to this first triumphant group, you need to demonstrate not only great skills, but also clever and analytical thinking. Google Analytics will enable us to make the right decisions and help us improve our brand. Don't let yourself be beaten in this unequal fight.