Messenger functions - are you sure you know them all?

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Messenger is one of the most popular mobile applications used by Poles. This application accompanies us at every step and performs many more functions than it was initially assumed. We can observe how it becomes more and more extensive and every now and then it surprises with new options. However, do you know all the available options of the popular messenger? Explore Messenger features that you probably didn't know about.

Explore the lesser-known functions of Messenger

Messenger is a Facebook application that was designed to communicate with your friends. Originally, the messenger was based on the contact list from our profile, and the available functions were limited only to sending text messages. Over the years, Messenger has been repeatedly changed and improved in terms of usability, thanks to which it took on a completely new face. Learn about the hidden functions of Messenger that can prove extremely useful.

Location sharing

Thanks to this option, we can show someone our location, which will definitely make it easier to meet friends or show someone a place. The shared location will be displayed for 60 minutes and will show you where you are at the moment. To activate this function, click the cross icon next to the message entry bar. Then we will develop a list of applications in which we will find an option location.

We also have the option of pinning an additional location and designating a route to it, which our interlocutor can also use. We can stop transmitting location data at any time by clicking Stop sharing.


Change chat color, nickname and emoji

Messenger functions allow us to change the nickname of the conversation users, assign a color and adjust the emoji for the selected conversation. To use this function, just in the conversation window, click the icon on the right side of the camera, and then select the options you are interested in.

Create a quick access shortcut

On the screen of our smartphone, we can create a shortcut to quickly start a conversation with selected people. All you need to do is hold down the button for a longer time, click on a conversation with a given person and select an option from the menu that appears create a shortcut. This is a very useful function if you want to quickly write a message to someone without having to start the messenger and find him from the list.

Changing the size of emoticons

We all enjoy using all sorts of emotes to make it easier to express emotions in a conversation. Did you know that you can freely change their size? All you have to do is hold it down for a longer time after choosing an emote and it will start to grow. If its size is already satisfactory for us, we tear off the finger and the emote is automatically sent in an enlarged version.

Joint planning

Creating an agenda is something like an appointment calendar. We can plan a joint event and set a reminder that will remind us in advance. We set this function in the same place as the nickname of the caller and the color of the chat, which were described earlier. After click Start a plan a window is displayed in which we set the date of the event.


Then we have the option of giving a name, time and place of the meeting. When everything is completed, the interlocutor will receive a message about the created plan. The recipient can enter the plan settings and mark whether they can attend the meeting or not.

Without a doubt, Messenger's functions are becoming more and more extensive. New solutions introduced to the communicator make it an indispensable tool in everyday life, which not only facilitates communication, but also enables data transfer or scheduling meetings. What else will Mark Zuckerberg surprise us with in the future?