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Wars are black spots on world history. Whether they made sense, whether the deaths of thousands of people mattered - this subject can be discussed endlessly. Yet every war was accompanied by a multitude of social movements that changed history forever. Because if it wasn't for the war, would hippies even exist? And would Bob Dylan write even one poem? As cruel as it may sound, the echo of the war was remarkably fertile among the artists who opposed it in their own way.

There is also a place for cinema, which drastically describes the hardships of world wars in Vietnam and Iraq. Some movies show drastic stories of veterans or prisoners of war, others, again, hopeful biographies of those who survived hell. Most of the pictures have already passed to the classics, setting a new trend in cinema. If you haven't seen these war movies yet, be sure to catch up!

War movies about Vietnam

Americans are sorry and ashamed of the Vietnam War. It left its mark both on foreign policy and on hundreds of thousands of young people - those who went to war and those who stayed. In American cinema you can find a lot of films about these events, most of them have a strong anti-war overtone. In addition to the following, mandatory items are: The Thin Red Line, Full Metal Jacket, Apocalypse Now and Good Morning, Vietnam.

The Vietnamese trilogy: Pluto, Born on July 4, Between Heaven and Earth

Oliver Stone, the film's director, takes the Vietnam War very personally. He was a participant himself. This nightmare was dealt with in the best way he could by directing three cult films, together called the Vietnamese trilogy. Each picture shows a different side of the war.

Platoon is the most brutal part, showing the realities of the Vietnam War. Critics agree that no other war drama accurately reflects the mood that prevailed in the army. It is a clash of the ideology of young American soldiers with a brutal reality that turns out to be completely different. Americans hate this war, themselves and Vietnam. We accompany the main character, Chris Taylor, in this transformation.

Born on July 4, it is again a war movie about veterans. Equally brutal and true, it shows young people, inspired by ideology, going to war and returning very quickly, suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and being mutilated. During the screening, the viewer very quickly begins to ask himself the question - what is the point of war? Did these people have to die so thoughtlessly? Ron Kovic, the main character, is one of the thousands of teenagers who have just left high school to go to war. Ron has witnessed terrible scenes in the war that he cannot forget even when he returns home. When shot, he loses feeling in his legs and his whole world will be crushed. When he returns to the States, no one gives him the respect he expects.

The last of the films - Between Heaven and Earth - is based on the true story of the Vietnamese Le Ly. Repeatedly raped, abused and forced to hard labor, Le Ly finally meets American soldier Steve Butler. Butler seems different from all the men the Vietnamese woman has met so far. A tender and calm man wins her hearts. Le Ly agrees to marry him and return to the States with him. It turns out that the atrocities that have befallen her so far do not match what awaits her in America. Culture shock, lack of family acceptance, and her husband - who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder - all leave Le Ly alone once again.

The deer hunter

The film became famous primarily for its famous Russian roulette game scene. Like most paintings about the Vietnam war, the Deer Hunter focuses on a few heroes, showing their mental and physical transformation during the war. The film tells the story of three friends from a small town in the States. Their lives are carefree, filled with fun. Just before leaving for Vietnam, one of them, Steven, is getting married. The wedding scene is extremely symbolic in the film, it shows the last moments of these people's happiness in their lives. Moments after landing, they are taken prisoner and their hell begins.

The Deer Hunter is a study of the human psyche that, once broken, cannot be repaired. The director very efficiently shows how difficult it is to come home after witnessing such beastly scenes. The film also impresses with its star cast. We will see there: Robert De Niro, Meryl Streep, John Savage and Christopher Walken.

War movies about the Second World War

Hundreds of films were made about the atrocities of the Second World War, and sometimes one gets the impression that this topic will not be exhausted soon. Everyone makes films about this war - Americans, Germans, Poles, British and Russians. It's hard to choose only a few of the best, so in addition to the following, we recommend: Dirty Dozen, Saving Private Ryan, The Pianist, Life is Beautiful, Boy in striped pajamas.

Schindler's List

A story based on facts. Oskar Schindler, a German entrepreneur, opens a factory in Krakow. Of course, Jews, forced by the German occupiers, work there for free. Schindler's fortune grows very quickly, and he himself wins the sympathy and respect of German soldiers. In 1942, when the Endlösung plan comes into effect, something breaks at Schindler. He tries to save as many Jews as possible by buying them to work in his factory. In total, Schindler saved over a thousand of them.

Steven Spielberg, due to his origins, approached the film very personally. Most of the scenes were shot in Poland, and many Poles participated in the production. The painting won tons of awards, including 7 Oscars. In 2004, the film was included in the list of 25 films included in the National Film Registry - the list of productions that (according to the US Library of Congress) build the cultural heritage of the USA. The brutality and melancholy of the film are emphasized by the way it was shot - the whole picture is black and white.


One of the newer war movies - this time Brad Pitt in a serious role (as opposed to his role in Inglourious Basterds). The film is received very extremely, so it's best to check for yourself if it is good. Fury is the name of an American tank, one of the few remaining at the front. The war is almost over, and American troops are moving across the front lines to defend the Allied supply line. We accompany Fury on this journey. The tankers are joined by a young boy who shouldn't be in the war, but has to adapt quickly and start killing.

Furia is praised primarily for its excellent editing, photos and battle scenes. It is a real treat for historians and those interested in the subject of World War II. In the film you can see a real German Tiger I tank. This specimen, number 131, is in the Bovington Tank Museum (England, Great Britain) and is the only fully operational tank of this type in the world.


A Polish painting that did not achieve the success it deserved. The film tells about a partisan unit hiding in the forest. They are led by Corporal Wydra, who deals with both German soldiers and treacherous Poles in a brutal way. The star cast - Dorociński, Stuhr, Bohosiewicz and Rosati - can be seen from a completely different angle. The film is very intimate, and the viewer gets to know each character in turn and learns more about his life in these difficult times.

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War movies about Iraq and Afghanistan

A lot of films have already been made about the war in Iraq. Similarly to the subject of the Vietnam war movies - mostly images showing the post-traumatic stress disorder with which the soldiers return. Different times, the same problems - lack of understanding, cruelty, mental transformation, the nonsense of war.


Cahill himself is sent to Afghanistan. Everything goes well until he is taken prisoner with his friend. There they experience a real hell - they are tortured, Islamists try to brainwash them and force them to behave at best. The US Army is doing everything possible to find the kidnapped soldiers, but the terrorists are hiding them well. Eventually, Sam's wife, Grace, receives news that her husband has been pronounced dead.

In fact, Sam is subjected to further mental and physical torture at the same time. In the end, the soldiers face the final challenge - they have to fight each other to the death, because only one can get out alive. After killing his friend, Sam would never be the same man again.

The terrorists release him and the soldier returns home. Very hard times are waiting for his wife and the whole family, with his brother at the helm.


Another very controversial war movie. Critics either crushed him or praised him in the press and blogs. The Sniper is a Clint Eastwood film telling the true story of Chris Kyle, the American sniper known in the army as "the legend". The nickname was well deserved - Kyle turned out to be the best sniper in the history of the elite Navy SEALs. During his service, he shot 255 people and was able to hit the target even from a distance of 2 kilometers.

Why did the film receive such extreme reviews? Above all, Eastwood is accused of pathos and whitewashing Kyle's person. Opponents of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan are outraged that the laureate of a man who also murdered women and children was written. However, watching the film, we can see that these events left their mark on the psyche of Kyle, who, returning to his wife and children, was a different person. His life story ended very tragically - he was shot near his home by an army friend suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.


Another fact-based war movie focusing on the infamous action "Red Wings" to be performed by members of SEALs. Snipers are tasked with killing the Taliban leader. On a mission, they meet several civilians in the forest. Because of the stormy discussion of what to do with them, the Americans decide to release them. It turns out that it was the biggest mistake of their lives. Civilians are quick to alert the Taliban to the presence of snipers. The enemies quickly find them and a fight for life takes place in the forest.

The film is shot very dynamically, so the viewer will not experience a moment of peace during the screening. soldiers fight to the last breath, being an example of American honor and fighting for the motherland. This can be perceived very differently, but you have to admit that every scene in this movie is very impressive. The most impressive, however, is the end of the film, when the only survivor is rescued by a resident of a nearby village. He puts the life of his whole family at risk, but he acts according to the principles of his religion.