Music festivals in Poland

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Summer is a special time for young people taking a break from school, for working people who use their outstanding leaves, but also for music lovers. It is then that Poland is flooded with a musical wave, and a music festival takes place in every corner of our country. Everyone will find something for themselves - from electronic music to a celebration for metal fans. Most of these festivals are appreciated abroad, which is why Polish is not always the dominant language at the campsite.

Why are music festivals so popular? First of all, it's a great opportunity to see many of your favorite bands live in one place in a few days. Hence, it is a huge time-saver. After all, a large part of the festival goers are already working people who just got away for the weekend. In addition, the atmosphere at each festival is different, other people appear there, listening to similar music and with similar interests. And you, which festival are you going to this year?

Music festivals - Open "er Festival

There is no way to start otherwise. The largest event of this type in Poland, which is growing every year. It can be considered the official start of the musical season. The AlterArt agency is responsible for the organization, but it is not its only child. Open "er is compared to the biggest festivals in Europe, such as Glastonbury or Hurricane. However, it usually gives way to them by a line-up. Music magazine" Q "wrote about Openair in its guide to European festivals: if you have limited funds and want to see bands that were fashionable a few years ago, we recommend it. However, Polish youth defends the festival in Gdynia and considers it the most important - musical and fashion - event of the year. This is where you shouldn't go without wellies and the most fashionable clothes. At each edition, we can see old and proven stars and fresh artists who take the world charts by storm. From hip-hop to rock, there's something for everyone.

When: 1 - 4 July

Where: Gdynia


4-day ticket - 550 PLN

4-day ticket + campsite - PLN 630

Weekend ticket - PLN 350

One-day tickets - 207 PLN

Stars announced so far: Eagles Of Death Metal, St. Vincent, Kasabian, Swans, Flume

Music festivals - Orange Warsaw Festival

This event was really loud a year ago ... unfortunately, it was not positive. It turned out that the National Stadium has terrible acoustics and the devastated fans did not leave the organizers dry. Therefore, this year the Orange Warsaw Festival will be held in Służewiec. Will it be better? It remains to see for yourself. It will be the eighth edition of the festival organized by rochstar events. Last year, the line-up was really diverse - from stronger sounds like Bring Me The Horizon and Limp Bizkit, through the best rock music (Queens Of The Stone Age and Kings of Leon) to hip-hop (Snoop Dog and Outkast), ending with the best pop - Florence and The Machine. Orange, unlike most festivals, does not offer a campsite, so people from outside Warsaw must look for more "civilized" forms of accommodation. The festival started as a one-day free event at Plac Defilad.

When: June 12 - 14

Where: Warsaw

Prices: pass - PLN 470

Stars announced so far: Muse, The Chemical Brothers, Paloma Faith, Incubus, Bastille

Music festivals - Impact Festival

Metal music festival in Atlas Arena in Łódź. A year ago, the organizers focused on real rock dinosaurs, the stars were Aerosmith and Black Sabbath. This year's line-up is a tribute to the 90s and nu-metal generation. The biggest downside of the event is probably that it takes place in the middle of the week. However, real fans and this should not stop.

When: June 9

Where: Łódź


Grandstands - 179 - 229 PLN

Golden Circle Early Entrance - 359 PLN

Golden Circle - PLN 269

CD - PLN 199

Disabled people - PLN 199

Stars announced so far: Slipknot, Godsmack, Hollywood Undead

Music festivals - Off Festival

Off started out as a tiny festival in Mysłowice, the hometown of Artur Rojek - the singer of Myslovitz and the main organizer of the event. However, after several editions, they had to move to the Three Ponds Valley in Katowice. As you can read in the event description: OFF Festival it is not fashionable because many trends are just ahead of them. Often the artists invited to Katowice have their best albums ahead of them and practice their breakthrough material on the Polish audience. It is also difficult to reduce OFF to a specific genre, scene or style, if it is full of noise and melody geniuses, heroes of tomorrow and legends from the past.

Musical consumers come to Offa, hungry for freshness and innovative solutions - and they often find them here. In addition, the location is seductive - the scenes are hidden among the trees and despite the increasing attendance year by year, you can feel a very intimate atmosphere during the concerts.

When: August 7-9

Where: Katowice

Prices: PLN 200 pass, PLN 60 place at the campsite

Stars announced so far: Sun O))), Run the Jewels, Jacek Sienkiewicz, Girl Band

Music festivals - Audioriver

The beach on the Vistula River in Płock is not as busy all year round as it was during this weekend in July. Audioriver is a festival that doesn't need to be introduced to fans of electronic and alternative music. Three scenes featuring representatives of such genres as minimal, drum and bass, dub step, electro, techno and many others. For two years now, tickets have been selling out at an alarming pace, so it's best not to postpone the purchase until the last minute. During the festival, a lot is also happening in the city itself - a festival stage and cinema are set up on the market square. During the event, you can also buy clothes from Polish designers. Like Off, Audioriver started out as a small festival, and free of charge. Currently, it is one of the most famous electronic music events in Europe.

When: July 24 - 26

Where: Płock - beach on the Vistula River


Two-day ticket (Friday and Saturday at the beach) - PLN 160-250

Three-day pass (Friday and Saturday at the beach + Audioriver Sun / Day) - PLN 210/300

Stars announced so far: Simian Mobile Disco, Noisia, Tale of Us, Fur Coat

Depending on which festival you choose, the same rule applies everywhere - drink lots of water! The whole day in front of the stage in full heat many times ended disastrously for many music lovers. Therefore, in order to enjoy the music in peace, it is good to remember to take a few sips of water every now and then.