Facebook - you can also find an employee there

Service Business

Facebook is the most popular social networking site in the world. Virtually everyone has a profile on this portal - both private individuals and companies. Recently, a lot has been heard about recruitment processes conducted through it. It is quite a modern and original way of searching for staff that gains their followers. Facebook for recruiters is no longer just a tool for checking information about candidates, as evidenced by its growing potential.

What kind of employees are you looking for via Facebook?

According to the opinions of recruiters looking for candidates for specialist positions, they use websites such as GoldenLine or LinkedIn, which contain valuable information about the professional profile of a potential employee, more often than Facebook itself. This type of data is not necessarily visible on FB, because users do not complete them or limit access to them for people outside the friends list. However, keep in mind that not everyone uses the privacy settings and you may come across a really interesting person while searching. The second issue concerns the search engine - the one offered by Facebook is somewhat limited, as it does not allow the appropriate selection of parameters that could be of interest to the employer (such as education). Therefore, mainly middle-level or entry-level personnel are searched through this social network.

One of the main reasons for the search for employees by this type of social networking sites is the possibility of obtaining a lot of valuable information, both professional and personal - in an extremely short time. This is because many users share virtually all their data on the web.

How to search for an employee on Facebook?

Recruiters can search for employees on Facebook in two ways - through advertisements or by following profiles themselves.

Announcements should be posted on the company's fanpage or on the company's owner's profile. It is advisable to include in the content effective graphics or photos that will attract potential candidates for the offered positions. The language should also be considered, as it should be adapted to the target group.

Sometimes it is worth asking employees to make the advertisement available on their boards. Perhaps one of your friends will be interested in the offered job. The motivation for the current employees may be the reward, which will go to the one whose recommendation (on the social profile) is the most interesting person.

However, if the recruiter wants the offer to reach a wide group of Facebook users, he should consider an advertising campaign.

To sum up, Facebook is a social networking site around which the interest is growing year by year. It brings together huge numbers of people who represent different environments and different age categories. Entrepreneurs looking for new staff should seriously consider conducting a recruitment campaign via FB, because - as it seems - it can bring really good results.