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The only such marketing hub was launched by the Polish Marketing Association SMB. The official opening and at the same time a summary of the achievements of FMZ, which is celebrating its 13th anniversary this year, will be a conference scheduled for November 9.

FMZ hub is designed as a year-round project that integrates current marketing knowledge with insightful observations of the broad social, economic and legal environment as well as knowledge in the field of anthropology, social psychology, linguistics and the results of current research, thanks to which it helps marketers find themselves in current trends and anticipate new ones. The content of FMZ hub is prepared by people from the world of business and science. FMZ hub also gives a chance to demonstrate to young people who plan to work in marketing, advertising, production of audiovisual materials, etc.

“The program board of FMZ hub is made up of marketing enthusiasts who use various communication tools in their daily work. They are not only experienced experts representing the most important agencies in the industry, but most of all Renaissance people whose impressive knowledge of broader contexts allows them to catch emerging market trends. Thanks to this, we know what is going to happen in a moment, or what is already happening, although few notice it yet. We have also started cooperation with leading universities, which help us look at the marketing reality from a broader perspective, ”says Paweł Wielkopolan, Director of Key Relationships at SMB.

FMZ hub is planned as a series of podcasts, video interviews and workshops - ALL YEAR ROUND, and on NOVEMBER 09, an event summarizing the industry's achievements from the past year and forecasts for the next year is made available.


What's in the FMZ conference program?

During the upcoming FMZ conference, we will present proven solutions and ways of applying them in 3 contexts:

keynote # 1 - Eco driven marketing

keynote # 2 - Omnichannel technology

keynote # 3 - ON / OFF - line integrated marketing

The topics discussed will be illustrated by the campaigns awarded during this year's Golden Arrow, and FMZ partners - marketers, agencies, universities, media, production houses and solution providers will share a part of the workshop, presenting specific solutions and recommendations.

keynote # 1 - Eco driven marketing

“During the previous 2 editions of FMZ, we showed that it is worth being eco in marketing. The current trends show that we were right! This time we will tell you, not about IF, but HOW to be eco in marketing, ”says Mikołaj Janicki from Pro Duct by Business Friends and Business Ergonomics, member of the Program Council of FMZ.

  • Artur Beck from Togetair will tell you what rating Poles passed #EkoTest and what it means for the marketer.
  • Agnieszka Korzeniowska, marketing director at ZOO Wrocław, will talk about how to "do" marketing in the era of a climate catastrophe and about the power of creating reality. How is it possible that the ring-tailed lemurs of "Madagascar" are on the verge of extinction, despite having the "brand" of one of the world's most popular animal species?
  • An excellent group of participants will take part in a conversation about how to speak about ecology: Kamila Drzewicka - ClientEarth, Joanna Murzyn - Institute of Digital Ecology, Grażyna Wolszczak - Garnizon Sztuki Theater, Mateusz Galica - Twenties.
  • Piotr Kwiecień from the Advertising Council Association will talk about greenwashing in advertising and environmental complaints submitted to the Advertising Ethics Council.

keynote # 2 Omnichannel technology

“Data driven marketing - we don't ask whether to apply - we show HOW to do it. During the conference, we will present proven solutions, and the campaigns awarded during this year's Golden Arrow will serve as an illustration to the topics discussed. Our industry partners - marketers, agencies, universities, media, production house and solution providers will share a part of the workshop, presenting specific solutions and recommendations, ”says Weronika Szwarc Bronikowska from Media People, a member of the FMZ Program Council.

  • Dr. Maciej Kawecki from the Lem Institute will talk about the world of absolute power that rests in the hands of algorithms
  • Time-saving ecommerce analysis tools gather data from all advertising sources such as Facebook Ads, Allegro, or Google Analytics, and convert them into the most important KPIs for the company - Ecometrixo will tell
  • Can an electric car be like ... a telephone? How to be innovative not only in the field of product, but also in communication? How to use the most personal companion in our life in marketing to show a personalized advertising message? Anna Gorczyca and Agnieszka Petla from Mercedes EQC will present their case study.
  • The more channels, the greater the chance of reaching the recipient - Bartosz Pilc from CORE Law Grzybowski & Pilc will talk about how not to stumble over legal issues in the area of ​​digital services and AI in omnichanell.

keynote # 3 ON / OFF - line integrated marketing

“EVERYTHING COMMUNICATES! - EVERYTHING IS COMMUNICATING FMZ, the conference emphasizes the versatility of integrated marketing involving all SENSES, because in building the image and strength of the brand, each communication channel adds something to its perception - says Katarzyna Chodacka-Chłopaś from IQ Marketing, member of the Program Council of FMZ.

  • CASE: "1 + 1 = 5. The synergy effect in the cooperation of brands", Ikea / Decathlon Przestrzeń, VMLY & R
  • CASE: Is digital storytelling still possible? Michał Wiśniewski OLX
  • CASE: Do you come across a series of categories? Is it worth dissociating yourself from the heritage of your own category? What can be gained and what can be lost? Let's work it out based on the campaign of The Glenlivet, Łukasz Mandala, IQ Marketing
  • CASE: "Can a loyalty program build a brand image? About the effect of consistent and real actions based on the brand's heritage," Paweł Dobrowolski H2H, Jan Daniel Amica
  • CASE: A lottery that literally rocked the market. How not to create the "wheel" from scratch, but use it and make it "spin" faster than the competition. Maciej Olszanka, Unique One

The conference will take place on November 9, and you can watch FMZ hub materials here:

If you want to share knowledge within the FMZ hub, please contact [email protected]


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Wedo, Media People, Orange, Human2Human, CORE Law Grzybowski & Pilc, IQ Marketing (Poland), Performance Ocean, Prografix, Czyste Air Foundation, Infobip, Narrative Impact, Unique One, PGS Pracownia Gier Szkoleniowe, BRILL AV MEDIA, Graffiti Films, Pro Duct BBF, CreativeHarder Group, Mirror Investment, Teatr Garnizon Sztuki - theater of positive emotions, NIEAGENCJA, Kamikaze, METRO ADVERTISING, NAV agency, Eventory.

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The media patronage over the Integrated Marketing Forum is taken by:, Marketing przy kawie, Media Marketing Polska, Marketer +, My Company Polska, Polish Chamber of Promotional Articles,, Focus on Business, Reach a Blogger,, ,,, PRESS.

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Honorary Patronage, Patronage of the Rector of the University of Lodz,

Career and Graduate Office of the Faculty of Management at the University of Warsaw,

Warsaw School of Advertising, WSB University.

About the organizer

The event is organized by the Polish Marketing Association SMB, operating in the field of direct and integrated marketing. The mission of the Association is to educate the market, hence special care for the high substantive level of the conference. This year's program of the event is supervised by the Program Council composed of: Mikołaj Janicki (Pro Duct BBF), Patrycja Zielińska (Pracownia Gier Szkolniczych), Jacek Wasilewski (Narrative Impact), Sławomir Wojtkowski (Warsaw Advertising School), Agata Śmieja (Czyste Air Foundation), Artur Beck (Creative Harder), Michał Ryszkiewicz (Kamikadze agency), Weronika Szwarc-Bronikowska (Agencja Media People), Marek Kosakowski (H2H), Magdalena Dudek (Info Bip), Andrzej Targosz Eventory, Damian Zozula (Performance Ocean), Kamil Magot ( Creative Harder), Grzegorz Bonder (Unique One), Franek Rogala (Graffiti), Bartosz Pilc (Core Law), Katarzyna Chodacka Chłopaś (IQ Marketing), Bartosz Mateja (Prografix), Michał Michalik (Orange), Artur Waczko (Warsaw School of Advertising) ), Tomasz Nawój (NAV agency).