Online store elements - get to know the sales tool better!

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Do you want to start an online store, but you don't know where to start? Or maybe your e-business has been functioning for some time, but still does not bring the desired results? The store regulations are one of the many mandatory modules that should be included in every e-store. What are the other essential elements of an online store that can increase sales in the store? Below, in a few points, we present a few of them.

Necessary elements of an online store


The simpler it is, the better. The basket must be transparent, i.e. have the most important options - show orders, be able to change it and have a go to checkout button. It is also worth including such elements of the online store that give an additional function, continue shopping, to encourage the customer to further activities in our store. The shopping cart must be fully functional and intuitive, which also means that the main call-to-action buttons (CTAs) are visible.

Product card

People buy with their eyes, and especially online when they can't touch the product. Therefore, in order to sell, you need to create an exact product card. It must contain all information that may encourage the customer to buy, including:

  • the price - it just has to be as visible as possible. It is on this basis that consumers make most of their purchasing decisions. An inconspicuous price or hiding it will make customers give up shopping,

  • product availability - full information about the product also includes data on its availability in the warehouse. This is important information for the customer. It is often the case that the customer cannot wait for the goods for more than 1 or 2 days, so it is worth avoiding misunderstandings and including such information along with the waiting time for shipment,

  • specific product properties - i.e. information such as color, size, type, material, etc.,

  • delivery time,

  • good photos - this is especially important in the fashion industry, here every detail matters. Post one picture of the product, but good. After all, we buy with our eyes!

Search engine

Add items of the online store that will make it easier for the user to find the product. Improve the search engine on your website to suggest words during searches or specific products and display their photos from the search level. This can encourage the customer to spend more time in your store.

Multiple payment methods

Your shop customers should be able to choose from a variety of payment methods. Today's consumer is mobile, trend-oriented and efficiently navigating the web. He is constantly looking for bargains and compares almost everything, so you need to be flexible and adapt your e-shop to the changing and growing requirements of a modern customer.


There is nothing more valuable than the evaluation of users who have already purchased the product. Their opinion is often a decisive factor in the purchase of an article by another customer. This is called Recommendation marketing that will give credibility to the quality of your products and encourage new customers to buy. Add such online store elements to give the customer the opportunity to post reviews about your products and increase your chance of selling.


It is a document that describes the conditions under which the contract is concluded between the store owner and the customer. That is why it is so important to include all the necessary information in it. The store regulations are the basis for complaints and returns.

Information that should be included in the regulations includes:

  • full company name, address of its registered office, tax identification number,

  • contact details, e-mail address, telephone number,

  • the address where the customer can file complaints (if different from the company's address),

  • available payment methods and types of delivery,

  • the possibility of issuing an invoice, receipt,

  • return policy and explanation of the return procedure,

  • complaint procedures and policy,

  • information on the customer's right to withdraw from the contract and how to do so,

  • the content of the warranty and after-sales services,

  • including all costs, including additional costs,

  • data protection policy.


Email marketing is still one of the most effective and popular ways of communicating with the client. Place a newsletter subscription form on your website and keep your customers informed about your store's offer, news and bestsellers every week. The subscription form itself should be short - many fields to fill in may only discourage subscribing to the newsletter.

Online store elements in competitive stores

Competition among online stores is fierce, so it is so important to keep improving your e-business. The above-mentioned elements of the online store are its basis, but they do not exhaust this topic in its entirety. You have to constantly monitor the market and follow the actions of competitors. Start with the basics, then try to implement new ideas and solutions in your store.