Economical computer games for a businessman

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Even the busiest entrepreneur must find a moment to relax. Some business people like to relax at the computer, playing some addictive production. What if you combine business with pleasure, i.e. electronic fun with exercising your mind? It is possible! Meet economic games that help you develop business thinking skills.


A famous series of strategy games where the main goal is to build and maintain a bustling city full of satisfied residents. The player playing the role of the omnipotent mayor is responsible for all aspects of the functioning of the metropolis - from housing construction, through public transport, to crisis management during various cataclysms. Subsequent editions SimCity (the latest one released in 2013) differ in the level of graphic design and complexity of the mechanics. All of them require a unique perception and understanding of the complex processes that make up the life of a modern city.


In 2002, the candidates for the mayor of Warsaw faced unusual ranks. The aim of the competition was to build the most populous city in the SimCity 3000 game. Lech Kaczyński came out victorious in the competition, who later won the elections and moved to the capital city hall.

City Building series

Similar to the SimCity, this series of economic games also revolves around the city. So far, four parts of the cycle have been published Caesar, set in the ancient Roman Empire and without sequels Zeus: Lord of Olympus (ancient Greece) and Pharaoh plus Cleopatra (ancient Egypt). The element that distinguishes these titles from SimCity, there are supernatural aspects that are expressed in the great role of religious worship. IN Caesar, Zeus and Pharaoh better not to mess with the gods, because it could end up tragically for the city.

Tycoon and Giant series

So far, dozens of economic games have been created, in which the words "Tycoon" or "Giant" (less often: "Empire") appeared in the titles. Their leitmotif is the management of various types of establishments and building a business empire. The player may, inter alia, create a restaurant chain (Restaurant Empire), amusement parks (Rollercoaster Tycoon), zoos (Zoo Tycoon), hotels (Hotel Tycoon), build railway infrastructure (Railroad Tycoon), city transport (Traffic Giant, Cities in Motion), air (Airline Tycoon) and even manage a prison (Prison Tycoon) and a hospital (Theme Hospital).


The most recent economic game on the list, released earlier this year. An unusual work, because it was created from start to finish by one man, Luke Hodorowicz from Shining Rock Studio. The player controls a group of exiles who have to settle on an unknown land - and survive. The focus of the game is therefore gathering food, gathering fuel and building houses resistant to frost. Banished should be appreciated above all for the perfect presentation of the fierce struggle between man and nature, which our ancestors fought from centuries ago.

The Settlers series

A similar subject, but with a much looser approach, is addressed in the best-selling series Settlers. So far, as many as seven of its parts have appeared on the market, of which only the first four are worth recommending. The settlers charm with amusing graphics and complexity of the game - for example, to mine coal, you have to feed the miners with bread, and to bake it, you need water from the water carrier and flour from the mill, produced from the grain sown by the farmer ... In short - this computer game is social microcosm in a nutshell.

Pizza Connection

Have you ever dreamed of running your own pizzeria? Try your hand at Pizza Connection, an economic game with which you will build a thriving restaurant chain and conquer the taste buds of the inhabitants of a virtual city! Choose a place, hire competent staff, take care of advertising, create an inviting menu - and wait for customers to start banging doors and windows. And when the competition sends thugs on you ... well, repay her with the beautiful for good.

Capitalism 2

An extremely complex economic strategy in which we can become a real financial shark - if we only show intelligence and economic sense. Capitalism 2 it can scare those who are afraid of hundreds of tables, sliders and charts. Real-life business owners will feel like fish in water here, being able to develop their empire, acquire more companies and invest millions of dollars. This economic game should appear in high school entrepreneurship classes as a valuable lesson on the functioning of the free market economy.