E-learning - what is it?

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Raising the qualifications of employees is one of the basic elements of their development. The multitude of companies operating on the training market allows you to choose courses that best suit the current needs of the company. However, some entrepreneurs may be discouraged by the need to hire a special room or for employees to stop working. E-learning may be an alternative solution in such a situation.

What is e-learning

E-learning is a type of distance learning that takes place with the help of information technology and modern devices. Sources of knowledge are gathered with the use of appropriate software, and information is included in specialized teaching materials. Instead of the teacher, the knowledge in this education process is transferred by a computer, which also replaces the examiner.

E-learning can be used in two ways:

  • offline - using local media such as CDs;

  • online - using the Internet or intranet (internal company network).

Both types of distance learning have different forms of courses. Belong to them:

  • presentations - they contain information prepared in a meticulous and substantive way, they are useful, for example, when introducing employees to a new product;

  • simulations - allow you to use your knowledge in practice;

  • tutorial - presents knowledge on a given topic and facilitates its complete understanding;

  • tests - they come in the form of true-false questions, with many possible answers, as well as tasks and questions that can be answered by the e-trainer.

The use of e-learning in the enterprise

The company can easily start applying e-learning training. The easiest way to do this is to create your own online platform using the web. On the other hand, large companies can use structured cabling, as well as use local LAN networks that are available at their premises.

After creating the platform, all you need to do is decide on the appropriate training cycle. Currently, many companies are expanding towards cooperation with international clients, which is why language learning courses may prove useful. Thanks to the e-learning solution, employees will be able to learn a new language, test their knowledge and practice their skills quickly and at any time convenient for them.

Another offer of training courses are those, with the help of which employees of a given company will learn to use applications used in a given enterprise. Courses may also cover the use of computers, the basics of IT techniques, the use of spreadsheets or word processing.

Advantages of using e-learning in the company

First of all, a manager who decides to use e-learning does not have to worry about a decrease in production in the company he manages. Its employees will not have to stop working in order to participate in training. Participation in online training does not mean stopping work. Not all employees have to take part in it at once, so the company will avoid disorganization of work.

Another important advantage of online courses is the low cost of conducting them. The employer is no longer forced to pay for special rooms, invite qualified speakers or use the services of a training company. In addition, he can improve the course program himself, along with changes in the company's needs or the expectations of the industry.

The advantages of e-learning are also noticeable to the employee. The time flexibility that distinguishes this type of learning allows him to train both during the day and at night. Another convenience is the individual setting of the pace of learning. Depending on preferences, an employee may also decide on the form of a given training.

In summary, e-learning is a training tool that can be used by any, even small, company. What's more, by deciding to use such a platform, it will save time and money spent on improving the qualifications of its employees, and will gain the opportunity to use the rich offer of online courses and a chance to directly influence the content of the knowledge transferred.