E-book: Internet Community and Internet Marketing


What is community?

We can define a community as a community, not necessarily with the same character traits or views, but somehow connected. The common element may be the city, occupation or use of a single internet portal.

Virtual communities currently have the most development opportunities - to be a part of them, it is enough to actively use a specific portal. Initially, these were chats - Internet communicators, allowing Internet users to talk on selected topics in a smaller or larger group. Gradually, the huts were replaced by social networks. Among them, Facebook is the most popular, but other pages with a similar structure, such as Google+, Instagram or Twitter, are gaining more and more followers. The possibility of sharing thoughts, opinions or photos with other Internet users builds a specific community.

Internet community and marketing

Social media users are ideal recipients of online marketing campaigns. Due to the fact that nowadays almost everyone has an account on Facebook or Instagram, it is easy to reach different age or social groups thanks to them.

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