E-book: E-commerce, everything you want to know


One of the most dynamically developing online industries is e-commerce. Nowadays, you can buy almost anything and everything from everyone - it is favored by both the tendency to create online stores and the development of auction portals. As long as you know the rules, e-commerce can greatly help your business grow.

E-commerce - types

Although e-commerce is associated with small transactions made via the web, in fact it is a much wider field of business. Therefore, it had to be classified appropriately. The basic distinction is direct and indirect trade. In direct, the entire transaction is carried out over the network, in indirect - delivery or service takes place traditionally.

Online commerce can also be classified according to the parties, i.e. consumers (Consumer) and company (Business), into 4 types of transactions:

- B2B (between enterprises)

- C2C (between consumers)

- B2C (the consumer buys from the enterprise)

- C2B (the company buys from the consumer)

E-commerce - formalities for setting up an Internet company

In terms of formalities, running an Internet company is no different from a stationary one. It can be run as a sole proprietorship, civil partnership or choose one of the partnerships or capital companies.

It is also necessary to register with CEIDG or with the National Court Register, depending on the type of activity, and choose the form of income tax taxation. It is also important to update the data from the Social Insurance Institution.

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