E-book: Content Marketing


Promoting your own website on the Internet is not an easy task. It requires strictly marketing knowledge on the one hand, and IT knowledge on the other. The website may be perfect in terms of layout, colors and content, but if it is not matched to the requirements of the search engine, it will not be found by potential users. On the other hand, the struggle for position on the Internet may negatively affect the content of the website, discouraging the readers who found it. So what should be done? Learn how it works ...

Content marketing

Behind the popular English name, there is simply content marketing - that is, adjusting the content posted on the website so that it is attractive to both people and an automated search engine.

In order to reach people, you need to publish interesting, useful and in good shape content. If the texts are not advertisements, but articles written with a light pen without spelling or syntax errors, presented with the appropriate font in the appropriate color on the appropriate background. If the graphics are readable, clear, memorable. If movies, then also made in the best possible style. It is important to see that the recipient is the most important for the creator of the website.

How to get to the search engine? For the average network user, the matter will unfortunately not be as obvious as the impact on people. An automated program works according to certain rules, and therefore it is easy to make mistakes. What can badly affect the website results? Placing on it content that has previously been published and indexed, content that is too short, does not stop the user and is therefore treated as rejections, etc. Also, linking to websites - own or external - may end up differently, as Google has long ago released programs that "screen" activities aimed only at climbing higher in search results.

What can you do?

The creator of the website is not at all defenseless in the face of the deceptive actions of the search engine or the requirements of users. A well-designed and planned website can effectively reach both readers and the search engine.However, it is necessary to learn at least the basic rules governing content marketing.

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