Dress code - how to dress for the office?

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It is said that it is not the garment that adorns the man, but the man the garment. In business, this saying does not apply. Clothing tells a lot about a person, influences the key first impression and shows professionalism. The appearance and general hygiene are also important. Learn the basic rules of the company's dress code.

The choice of outfit most often depends on the situation in which we are going to be. The most elegant outfit will be required at a business meeting with an important contractor. Daily work in the office does not require such efforts, but you should follow the basic guidelines. The exceptions are companies where there is a general clothing consensus, establishing complete freedom of choice. However, this is still quite a rarity. There are conservative rules in office work that have become commonplace over the years. Failure to do so can be considered a huge faux pas.

Dress code in the workplace

The dress code is a set of specific rules regarding official dress code. This does not mean that all employees are to be dressed in the same way, but that they are bound by certain rules. Thanks to this, it is possible to avoid situations where the employee's outfit will not be adapted to the nature of the position held or the overall image of the company.These rules are usually universal, but there are some differences whether it applies to men or women.

Dress code for men

Men should choose the classics - the best option is a suit. A set of elegant pants plus a shirt with a tie can also be a good choice. When it comes to this popular clothing accessory, you should stick to proven solutions. Muted colors and silk - a great buy. Please note that the size of the tie must match your body size. When it comes to shirts, it is worth choosing white, blue or gray. However, much more important than her color is the state - coming to the office in an unpressed shirt will not make a good impression. Jackets should be dark, preferably black. Experimenting with cream creations is a terrible idea, reminiscent of the suits of politicians from the 90s. When it comes to shoes, it is also best to choose dark colors such as black and brown. Sports footwear is considered unacceptable.


Let's move on to the add-ons. An elegant dial watch is an attribute of any stylish man. Plastic models with an electronic display definitely fall off. When it comes to perfumes, it is definitely best to choose a branded cologne with an unobtrusive aroma. There is nothing worse than an employee who spreads the nasty smell of bad preparation around the office. A good antiperspirant is essential, but I don't think you need to remind anyone about it.

A man can wear a wedding ring and a signet ring if he wants to. A trouser belt is mandatory for aesthetic reasons. Socks should be dark, best suited to the shoes - they cannot contrast with them. In addition, they should be pulled high so that they cover the calves while sitting. An absolute primer for the gentleman is a clean shaven face every day and clean hair, preferably without gel layers.

Dress code for women

For years, women have been fighting to ensure that their competences are valued above their appearance. This is a very valid postulate. Conservative standards also apply when it comes to women's clothing, so it is worth having properly cut suits, jackets, skirts and jackets in your wardrobe. Suitable colors for ladies are primarily white, gray, blue and navy blue. Other shades like red or brown are allowed only in the form of accessories. We can forget about glaring fuchsia or shades of sunny yellows. Please also note that black is only reserved for evening appointments. For ladies, tights or stockings are necessary, because bare legs are associated with an unprofessional image.

The most important dress code tip for ladies who want to focus the attention of others on their qualifications is moderation. This applies primarily to makeup, which must not be too expressive. Plunging necklines or short skirts are also not welcomed in workplaces. Jewelry is supposed to be only a minor addition, not an important element of the appearance. Plastic huge bracelets and huge colorful earrings are the wrong option. As in the case of men's fragrances, women also cannot choose intense fragrances, especially sweet and nauseating.

The right outfit makes our image much more professional and shows the knowledge of the prevailing rules. It is worth trying to supplement your wardrobe with appropriate quality clothes and accessories to make you feel good and comfortable in every situation, with the certainty that we will be perceived as reliable employees or properly prepared business partners.