Dr. Google - an effective doctor or a scammer?

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There is something wrong with my health. I have a headache, it seems for two days, everything is getting stronger, blood results are bad. Before I make an appointment to see the doctor, I'll check what's wrong with me. I will enter the symptoms in the search engine. - This is how many Internet users work. Unfortunately, the hugely popular Dr. Google can be… a fraud.

Dr. Google's diagnosis - don't panic!

Of course, checking the internet about what may be happening to our health is not a bad thing. If we use common sense, Dr. Google diagnoses the headache as a brain tumor in most cases and an irregular period as ovarian cancer. If we trust him blindly and completely, we expose ourselves to enormous, usually unnecessary stress.

It does not change the fact that we check. Almost all of us, while waiting for an appointment with a doctor, carefully checks what may be happening, how people cope with the disease, how it manifests itself. On the Internet, there are many entries of concerned people who have learned from the network about a serious disease, most likely they have, and are waiting in uncertainty for a doctor's appointment, sometimes even going crazy with uncertainty.

Let's not panic! Let's wait for the test results and the specialist's opinion. Very often it turns out that all Dr. Google did is make us stress much more than we should, and as you know, it does not have a good effect on our health.

Dr. Google won't beat the doctor

If the doctor says that we have not been caught by a serious disease and nothing bad is happening, do not argue. Of course, we can ask for additional tests, but we cannot believe that what we will read thanks to Dr. Google is the only correct diagnosis and assume that the specialist is wrong. Let us believe that nothing important is happening. Let's not get paranoid. Even Dr. Google can get it wrong!

Is Dr. Google always cheating?

It should be emphasized that Dr. Google does not always hyperbolize, and the diagnosis is cancer each time. It happens that he can tell us something that the doctor does not notice. Thanks to this, we can direct him to the right track and help ourselves. The most important thing is cooperation. We must also remember that we are not the specialist that we can suggest, but the belief that we are right can mislead us.

It is widely known that everything is for people if we use it wisely. It is similar with the popular today Dr. Google, that is, entering all symptoms in the search engine. Let us not assume the worst and let us not torture ourselves. If we know how stressful we are with any information, just don't go over it. Let's trust specialists more than our own diagnosis.