ID card for a child instead of a passport?


It is common practice to get a passport for him before going abroad with a child. And so, parents spend several dozen zlotys, while you can apply for an ID card for a child, the production of which is free.

ID card and passport while traveling

The passport allows freedom of movement between state borders, while the ID card only entitles you to legally travel within the European Union. However, it is worth paying attention to the price of both documents - the production of a passport costs several dozen zlotys, while the production of an ID card for a child is free.

Submitting an application for an ID card for a child

Every citizen over 18 must have an ID card. The exception is young people aged 15 who work under a contract of employment or do not live together with people under whose parental authority or care they are, or who are not under parental authority or care. Therefore, if an ID card for a child is needed, parents must submit an appropriate application to the municipal office competent for the parents' place of residence. An application for an ID card for a child can also be submitted via ePUAP - in this case, however, you need a trusted profile or a qualified certificate.


From 2015, on behalf of a child, an application for an ID card may be submitted by one of the parents, legal guardian or probation officer - there is no need for both parents to sign the application.

The child's parents are required to attach to the form for an ID card:

  1. Two the same, current photos of the child, 35 x 45 millimeters,

  2. At the request of the authority - abridged copy of the birth certificate, abridged copy of the marriage certificate, confirmation of Polish citizenship,

  3. For inspection - ID card or passport of the parent submitting the application.

Importantly, if the child is not able to sign himself / herself yet, in the place of the signature there is an annotation "signature impossible", and the parents additionally write down a statement confirming it.


Children over 5 must be present at the office when submitting the application.

An application for an ID card for a child can be downloaded from the website of the city or commune office or government websites, or you can take a paper form from the offices.

Collecting the child's ID card

The Office issues an ID card for the child within a maximum of 30 days from the date of submitting the application. This period may be extended in special cases.

You can check online whether your child's ID card is ready for collection at the office.

The proof must be collected in person at the office where the application was submitted. Please show your ID card or passport upon collection.

If the application was submitted for a child up to 5 years of age, you can collect the card yourself (you do not need to bring the child with you).

You can collect the proof yourself also if the application was submitted for a child over 5 years old in his presence.

If, due to ill health or some other important reason, the application was accepted outside the office (for example, at your home or in a hospital), your representative can collect the evidence for you. Find out at the office how to settle the matter through an attorney.

Child's ID card - validity

  1. ID card for a child who is under 5 years old is valid for 5 years,
  2. An ID card for a child over 5 years old is valid for 10 years.

This document confirms identity, certifies citizenship and entitles the child to freely cross borders between European Union countries, so it is worth getting a child if the parents plan to travel within the territory of the European Union Member States.