Homemade syrup - preparation and application

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Probably many of us know this - when a cough appeared, mother or grandmother would make homemade onion syrup in a jar and almost terrorize us - their children, who were reluctant to swallow this drug. After all, how do you like such a mixture? However, they knew very well what they were doing and why they were forcing us to drink the potion. Homemade syrups are healthy and perfectly support the fight against unpleasant ailments that come to us during colds or flu. We are all aware of the many health properties of vegetables and fruits, so it should not be surprising that natural syrups are a great home remedy. Besides, they are really easy to prepare. We often look for home remedies to get rid of a cough or sore throat. Then let's reach for such homemade syrups. In addition to improving our health, we will be 100% sure that they contain only natural ingredients.

Syrups can be prepared in many versions. Although the first thing that comes to mind is the immortal homemade onion syrup, we can use not only vegetables, but also fruits, herbs and flowers to prepare healing potions. We present 5 recipes for homemade syrups that you can easily prepare yourself.

Homemade onion syrup

Homemade onion syrup is popular and extremely easy to prepare. Such medicine will help when we are tired of coughing, because it will facilitate expectoration. Although the smell is quite specific, the syrup is sweet, so it is perfect for colds in the youngest. Such an onion concoction will also help to strengthen immunity.


  • 2 onions,

  • sugar (optional honey).

Homemade syrup can be prepared in two ways. The first is to finely chop the onion and sprinkle it generously with sugar. The second one, in turn, on the "sandwich" - large onion slices, honey, then onion slices again, etc.

The resulting juice can be poured into a separate jar or bottle and given one teaspoon 2-3 times a day.

Beet syrup

Homemade beetroot syrup has a similar application as the onion syrup, it will help in the case of strong cough or reduced immunity, but it is also worth giving it to people with anemia. It also contains folic acid, so it will be suitable for pregnant women.


  • beetroot,

  • sugar.

Dice the beetroot or grate it and cover it with 4-5 tablespoons of sugar. The resulting juice can be poured into a separate vessel. As for the dosage, children are best given a teaspoon of homemade syrup 2-3 times a day, while adults can drink the syrup after each meal.

Homemade syrup with honey and additives

Honey will help us get rid of colds and its unpleasant symptoms. It will reduce coughing, sore throat and even shortness of breath. As for the additions, we actually have complete freedom. For example, the combination of honey, lemon and ginger is anti-inflammatory, has an analgesic effect and has a beneficial effect on the digestive system.

Preparation is very simple, just lay the fruit or herbs in layers and pour honey over them. Additions should take about ¾ of the dish, the rest should be filled with honey.

Dandelion syrup

Dandelion, popularly known as dandelion, is also an excellent ingredient in a natural syrup. It will help in case of a strong cough or sore throat.


  • dandelion flowers (about a liter jar),

  • 1 kg of sugar,

  • 1 tablespoon of spirit.

We make the homemade syrup in layers, sprinkling the flowers with sugar. At the end, knead, add the spirit and the last spoonful of sugar. Of course, this syrup should not be given to children as it contains alcohol.

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Homemade syrup with horseradish

Horseradish is as helpful against infections as the ingredients mentioned above.


  • 2 tablespoons of grated horseradish,

  • water,

  • honey.

Pour the horseradish with a glass of lukewarm boiled water. We close the vessel and leave the mixture aside for an hour. After this time, strain the mixture and add honey. The ratio of honey to water should be 1: 1.

The preparation of natural syrups is extremely simple and does not take much time. By creating medicines ourselves, we are sure what we are taking. Therefore, it is worth supporting the medicines we buy with those that we can do at home.