Documenting private exits from work


The provisions of the law do not indicate a document that would confirm the granting of a leave from work to an employee, aimed at settling personal matters.

The ordinance of the Minister of Labor and Social Policy of May 15, 1996 regulates the rules of justifying absenteeism and the granting of exemptions from duties by the employer. This provision defines the reasons justifying the absence as events and the circumstances specified by the provisions of labor law, which prevent the employee from showing up and performing work. This provision also indicates other cases of non-appearance, indicated by the employee himself and recognized by the employer as justifying his absence.

However, the law does not regulate short-term layoffs for private purposes. Whether such a dismissal will be possible depends mainly on the employer. It will be necessary to document it when the employee is required to make up for the time off.

It is worth emphasizing that making up for the leave should not violate the employee's rights to a daily / weekly rest.

If the employer decides that the employee should work off the time off he used for personal matters, he should receive a relevant written request. There is no pre-imposed deadline for submitting such a document - the employee can deliver it even on the day of dismissal.