Additional place of business abroad

Service Business

An entrepreneur developing his business will need an additional place of business over time. If an additional branch is opened in the territory of the country, there are no doubts, but what should be done when the entrepreneur decides to have an additional place of business abroad? It turns out that from the legal point of view, there are no contraindications. However, it is worth mentioning a very important thing, which is meeting the conditions of other countries in order to be able to operate in their territory.

Providing data on additional places of business is only informative, the most important is the location of the company's headquarters. Pursuant to the Act on the freedom of economic activity, the following data are subject to entry in the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity:

  • place of residence and address of residence of the entrepreneur,

  • entrepreneur's address for service,

  • addresses where business activity is carried out, including:

    • company headquarters address, and

    • addresses of additional places of business, if any.

The CEIDG-1 application also includes a box (11.3.1), which is used to specify the country of having an additional place of business. However, it should be remembered that providing this place does not entitle the entrepreneur to conduct activities related to the business. The conditions dictated by legal regulations relating to running a business in a given country must be met.

National regulations constitute only the obligations of entrepreneurs performing activities resulting from business activity conducted in the Republic of Poland.