Adding a website to Google search engine - how to do it?

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Adding a page to the Google search engine is only seemingly a very easy task. Many people who are crawling in the virtual world do not know exactly how to start this process and what it is all about. Interestingly, there are as many as three ways to correctly add a page to Google. So where to start and what is the best to choose?

A way to add a page to the Google search engine - the basic method

The first way our website can be added to the Google search engine is the most popular and used by all beginners.
It consists in waiting for Google to find our website itself and add it to its index. Adding a page to the Google search engine in this way, however, has a very important disadvantage - it is the slowest way with an unknown duration. It can take several days, as well as over a month. Therefore, it is not a method for impatient people who want to build the position of their website in searches of Internet users from the very beginning.

However, it should be noted that this does not mean that adding this type is ineffective - it only takes much longer. On average, it takes nearly 30 days from the moment you set up your internet domain.
The question that may arise during this process is: how is it possible for Google to find the address from among thousands of new, new pages and add it?
It seems abstract and impossible, but it is related to the Google policy itself - every 30 days DNS servers are searched to find newly created domains, and then automatically make them available in a special Google Public DNS service. This type of solution is now available worldwide - with the exception of Turkey, which has blocked this option since the beginning of 2015.

Adding a page to the Google search engine by adding a link

The second way to add a page to Google search is to link to a new page. The most effective method of disseminating our link is to post it on the web, on social networking websites and on internet forums (preferably related to the subject of the website, of course) - these are places where we can share our new website with other users.
It may seem strange to beginners in this field, but websites are also visited by Google robots - they are programmed to search the internet and collect information on all areas. It is also important that links are placed on pages that are regularly visited by the mentioned robots, i.e. popular pages. When the robot encounters a new website, we are 100% sure that it will go to the new address found and will immediately add it to the Google search engine, which in turn will make it available in this search engine to other users.
After adding the page, you can check its results in Google tools - using the SEMSTORM platform.

Adding a page to the Google search engine - a tool

The third way to add a page to the Google search engine is to use a tool specially prepared by the platform. The form related to this method can be found on the Google website by going to "Webmaster Tools", then to the "Tools" tab and selecting the "Submit url" option. The form is part of the tools created especially for Google webmasters. The only condition that must be met to be able to use it is having an account on the Google platform - that is, having a Gmail account or registering as a user of YouTube.

All the tools available on Google are connected with each other, so it is enough to have one service to have access to all of them.

After going to the above-mentioned form for adding a page to the Google search engine, we will see the following information: Google adds new pages to our index and updates the existing ones during each web indexing. If you have a new URL, please let us know here. We do not add all submitted URLs to the index, and cannot predict or guarantee when they will appear in the index, or whether they will be listed at all.
Enter or paste the address of our website into the field provided in the form.
There is a security button under it, which is to guarantee that we are not a robot and we add the page ourselves. The answer if the page has been added appears almost immediately.
Of course, the request is most often accepted, but there are situations in which an error may appear. Then we will receive the following message: An error occurred while processing the request. It will then be necessary to repeat the entire process.

What does adding a page to Google search engine give?

However, adding a website to Google or other popular search engines does not guarantee its success. This is a much more advanced process. Of course, the page will be displayed to users during the search, but in relatively distant positions in the search engine. There may also be problems when users search for difficult phrases.

So what should be done? It is necessary to take appropriate steps to position the page, i.e. make it more visible during the search process conducted by web users. The optimization of the website also plays an important role here, starting from the template itself and ending with the addresses of subpages.
The content itself is also important. It is worth getting interested in SEO here. Appropriate page content along with attractive article titles or product description headers plays a significant role. It is also recommended to use keywords, thanks to which a person interested in a specific topic will find our website much faster. There are many solutions and they depend on the website owner himself and his idea for online promotion. The beginning, however, is always the same - adding the page to the Google search engine.