Your hands are your showpiece - take care of them

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Hands are our showpiece. This is an undeniable thesis, and while we may think that no one is paying attention to it, the truth is different. Many people look at our hands because they can tell a lot. They show how you work, how you take care of yourself, and they can also reveal your age. Besides, it is one of the most exposed parts of the body. Therefore, how much you can read from them, it is worth taking special care of them!

What do we do to our hands?

We do not spare our hands, on the contrary, we give them a good impression every day. We soak them in water at different temperatures, both very low and high, expose them to the sun without using a filter, dry them without a towel, pour detergents on them ... But we do almost nothing to fix it. As a consequence, we are ashamed to shake hands not only during a job interview, but also during a regular meeting with friends. It's worth changing it, and a few simple steps will help.

How to take care of your hands?

The skin of the hands is extremely delicate, it dehydrates quickly, it is strongly influenced by almost all factors. This is why it requires special care. Surely its important element is the removal of old epidermis. Of course, peeling is invaluable in this case. We can do it ourselves, e.g. by combining sugar with oil.

After peeling, let's take care of proper hydration. Let's apply a solid portion of the cream. It is also worth wearing gloves once in a while, especially if our hands are very dry, after applying the cream (preferably at night, before going to bed). In the morning, they will be pleasantly smooth and maximally moisturized.

The cream is the most important cosmetic in hand care - we should use it after each washing. It is important that it is moisturizing, but not necessarily greasy. Then it will not interfere with normal functioning, besides, fat hands are not pleasant. Carry a small cream in your purse, always have it at hand. Let's also put it on the sink. In this way, we will not forget about proper hydration.

So that the muscles do not become flaccid - let's train our hands! Let's move them a little, we'll relax them, but at the same time tense the muscles. It is the hands that often reveal age - it can be changed!

Dry your hands after washing. Do not wait for them to dry themselves and do not use popular hand dryers, which dry the skin very much. Also keep refreshing wipes on hand, they can always come in handy if we don't have the ability to wash our hands.

Make a light massage while rubbing the cream. Thanks to this, you will stimulate circulation and delay skin aging. It will be just enjoyable and relaxing, by the way.

Don't forget that hands are nails as well

Even the most well-groomed hands will be left out if the nails turn out to be unmanaged. It is also worth taking care of them. A beautiful, well-painted tile will attract attention and admiration.

First of all, pay attention to the fact that the length is equal and the shape is the same. Three almond-shaped nails and two rectangular nails will never look pretty and aesthetically pleasing. Avoid metal files, buy paper or glass files - you will certainly notice that the nails are even and do not split.

Pay attention to the skins. If they are located on the half of the tile, they will certainly not look aesthetically pleasing. Especially if you pour varnish over them. The skins can be cut or moved aside. The first way is risky when we are inexperienced, because we can hurt ourselves, cut off not only the skin but also the nail plate, cut too much and hurt ourselves. It is safer to smear the skins with cream and move them away, e.g. with a special tip, which is often placed on a knurl.

Also, try not to cover the entire tile with varnish. Then you will avoid flooding the cuticles and optically lengthen the nails. Carefully painted, they will beautifully complement well-groomed hands.

It is not worth omitting your hands in everyday care. We don't treat them well on a daily basis, so it's good to make it up to them, especially as the cold, gloomy months approach. At home, hands are warm when we go out and the temperature drops, they are especially dehydrated, often red and chapped. Let's use thick creams specially adapted to days with lower temperatures. Let's also wear gloves! Take care of your hands - your business card. You will certainly feel more confident and receive tons of compliments on them.