Why is it worth going to the Bieszczady Mountains?

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The Bieszczady Mountains are dream-like mountains for people who value hiking in peace, almost alone. They are considered to be one of the least developed in Poland, therefore they may seem virgin and somewhat mysterious. No wonder that they attract mountain hiking enthusiasts. Why is it worth going to the Bieszczady Mountains?

Bieszczady, or unique landscapes

Certainly, no one needs to be convinced that the landscape of the Bieszczady Mountains is simply amazing. This is especially visible during hiking, e.g. in the mountain pastures. Nature delights and fresh air fills your lungs. In this area, forests predominate, and you can meet wolves, bears, wildcats and lynxes in them. In the Bieszczady Mountains, we have 100% contact with nature. However, it is worth remembering that in some places between the shelters the sections of the route are really long and in such a case, in order to hike safely, you need to be in really good shape.

On the other hand, during winter hiking, it is definitely worth visiting the Chatka Puchatka shelter. Although the conditions may seem a bit extreme, as there is no running water or electricity, the hut covered in snow is really impressive.

The tomb of the Countess

These places in the Bieszczady Mountains, which are not visited by crowds of tourists, have an amazing atmosphere that allows for a moment of reflection. For this purpose, tourists often go to the Tomb of the Countess in Sianki. In the old days, many people lived in this village, but today the place is abandoned, and today only the remains of the manor and the cemetery have survived. It is on it that the grave of hr. Klara Stroińska and count. Franciszek Stroiński. The mystery and aura of peace are added by the fact that for a very long time no one could enter this area. Currently, however, tourists come there to sit at the grave for a while and think.

Bieszczady - you have to see it

Tarnica is the highest peak of the Bieszczady Mountains, which is why it is definitely worth climbing it, if only to admire the wonderful views. In addition, there are so many trails that it is certainly impossible to get bored. Abandoned villages overgrown with plants, empty places where temples were once located, or fallen crosses can introduce us to the mood of melancholy. No mountain hiking enthusiast will be disappointed with these landscapes. One of the stops should be, among others, Ustrzyki Dolne, where we can visit the Natural Museum of the Bieszczady National Park and the Museum of Milling and Village.

It is worth knowing that not only mountain lovers will feel good in the Bieszczady Mountains. We can also spend our free time by the lakes, where there are holiday centers. It is also a great solution for anglers. You can also find studs in the Bieszczady National Park or a narrow-gauge forest railway.

The Bieszczady Mountains are beautiful and interesting at any time of the year - in spring, when everything comes to life, in summer during mountain trips, in autumn, when everything becomes incredibly colorful, and in winter, which gives an amazing climate and allows you to go hiking in the snow.