Free Accounting Software - You Must Know This!


Free software for running a KPiR by an entrepreneur is a common practice used by taxpayers. Such a solution is - on the one hand - a large saving of funds that would have to be spent on a professional accountant, on the other - the basics of accounting usually become easier than initially expected by the entrepreneur. The more so as there are currently free software for running PKPiR available on the market - you can find them both on the Internet and on free CDs attached to the press.

However, before a business owner decides to use such free software in accounting, it should be considered whether such action will be legal.

Using free software and tax liability

The first issue that should be addressed is tax liability. When using free software, you should focus on art. 14 sec. 2 points 8 of the PIT Act, according to which the value of free benefits received is also considered income from activity. And the income from the activity is, in principle, tantamount to the need to pay tax.

So, does such free software for running KPiR meet the conditions of free income? Indeed, according to the dictionary definitions, it is free of charge as it does not require payment and is not associated with costs. However, in this legal definition, the word "benefit" is very relevant. This concept is understood as a bilateral relationship in which, on the one hand, there is an entity that requires the performance of a service, and on the other hand, an entity that should fulfill this service.

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The tax authorities agree that in the case of free software for running the KPiR one cannot speak of a classic benefit. Such programs are available without any limits to everyone and do not originate from one specific entity. What's more, it would be difficult to determine their initial value - although there is a lot of accounting software on the market, it is difficult to find exactly the same products on the basis of which it would be possible to determine the value of the free version.

To sum up - by using legal free software downloaded from the Internet or purchased as an add-on to the press, no tax liabilities arise on this account.

Free software for kpir and its compliance with regulations

The second aspect of the free software for running KPiR is its adaptation to the regulations governing the form of a book of revenues and expenses.

Pursuant to the applicable regulations, the software used for accounting must provide access to the entered documents at any time. Data should be stored in such a way that there is no risk of their destruction or loss.

Moreover, the very appearance of the tax book is important. It must be consistent with the appendix to the regulation of the Minister of Finance on keeping the tax book of revenues and expenses. If it turns out that the printout does not comply with the requirements contained in the regulations, it will be necessary to keep an additional, paper book. Then it is worth checking whether there is access to other, alternative software, printing the KPiR in the correct form. Thanks to this, the entrepreneur will save a lot of time, as he will not have to do additional work.

As you can see, using free KPiR software in your company is a very good solution. If the entrepreneur is not afraid of his own responsibility for accounting and selects a program that suits his needs, such accounting may turn out to be a bull's eye.