Free job advertisements in Rzeszów


Hiring a new employee usually starts with the construction of a job advertisement. It is of particular importance to ensure that the offer is engaging and interesting for the candidates. Currently, employers can use free job portals, which reduces recruitment costs and reduces the time needed to find an employee. For this reason, employers more and more often use free tools when recruiting employees.

How to write a good job advertisement and find the perfect employee?

Your job advertisement should stand out and attract the attention of applicants. In this way, you can reach the target group and find the right employee for the position. In addition, the advertisement must comply with applicable laws, for example on discrimination. A properly formulated advertisement should contain the following information:

  • name of the job position,
  • employer's name,
  • place of employment,
  • type of contract,
  • full-time, part-time, part-time job),
  • requirements for the candidate,
  • duties at the place of employment,
  • offer from the employer.

It is worth noting that the more information there is in the job advertisement, the greater the chance that the right employee will be found. Currently, for many candidates, information about the amount of remuneration per month or per hour is of great importance. This way, it is easier for them to filter the advertisements and determine if the job is suitable for them at all. Height information reduces the chance of a misunderstanding with the recruiter during an interview.

Find out how much you can earn in another company for the same position

Free job advertisements in Rzeszów - what to use?

The employer should not only properly structure the job advertisement, but also post it in the right place. There is no need to pay large sums of money to advertising portals, because there are free sites that ensure effective reaching of the target groups. A subpage with job offers has been operating on the Employee's Guide since July 2021. This is where candidates can find the advertisements that suit them. Current job offers in Rzeszów and other cities are described in a precise and precise manner. The employer can add advertisements through the website, i.e. a special portal with online accounting. From now on, the added value associated with the use of this portal is the ability to add free job offers. On the Employee Handbook, simply enter the microservice "Job advertisements" and you can find all offers there. There is also a search engine and filters for advertisements. In this way, employees can find a suitable job offer faster and easier.

Job advertisements - Rzeszów and remote work

The Podkarpackie Voivodeship is considered to be one of the least developed in terms of economy and earnings in Poland. However, it is worth knowing that Rzeszów is a city with many large workplaces and corporations, and the great opportunities for finding employment relate to the IT industry. Additionally, there is a biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. The offers on the Employee Guide website concern not only Rzeszów itself, but also remote work, thanks to which people from the entire Podkarpackie Province (and other regions of Poland) can get interesting employment.

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