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Toruń is located in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship and with such an excellent location it is part of a special economic zone. Considering the history and economic importance of this city, it is not surprising that there are so many job offers in Toruń.

Toruń as a workplace

The economy of Toruń, taken as a whole, is doing really well. Of course, this makes employment in Toruń more attractive. We find here a well-developed industry of various industries (including companies that have been operating in Toruń for a long time and already have their tradition and recognition), a well-planned and well-functioning business environment, great support for companies thanks to their benefits from being in a separate economic zone. This city (as evidenced by many free job offers in Toruń), where new IT technologies are also being developed - a well-developed IT sector is also needed to provide services to companies from other industries. Toruń is also a large trade center and derives a large part of its income from trade. A lot of investments are developing here, and entrepreneurs are lured by the city and voivodeship authorities with programs directed at them, which are proposed by local authorities, among which the aforementioned economic zone is the most important. All this allowed Toruń to develop economically. It also means that there is no shortage of work in this city.

Toruń has changed beyond recognition in the last dozen or so years. Beautiful architecturally large office buildings were built, which are the headquarters of large companies. The Technology Park in Toruń is also one of the engines of development. Large production plants, which have been operating here for decades, have been modernized. The so-called business incubators - great facilitation and support for all types of business and many entrepreneurs. So there are more and more job advertisements in Toruń, because there are good objective conditions for it - the economy of Toruń is growing at a satisfactory pace and there are still more jobs.

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Job advertisements in Toruń

Current job offers for Toruń are not difficult to find.

“Hard data” clearly shows a gradual increase in wages in Toruń. Employees in this city earn more and more, and from year to year the average salary increases quite significantly. At the same time, the number of the unemployed is decreasing, so employees in Toruń earn more and more and there are more of them, because the city has managed to conduct well activation and work encouragement programs. Toruń has great employment opportunities, it is an absorbent market for employees and a profitable place for entrepreneurs.

Which industries dominate in free job advertisements in Toruń? We can see that trade, transport, gastronomy and IT prevail. The larger industry and the well-doing construction industry, which is always present here, also have a large share in the city's revenues. Among the industries in which it is easiest to find a job in Toruń, one should also mention the well-developed market of financial services, as well as agriculture and fishing. Toruń is so attractive in terms of work also because it is one of the national centers of innovation. So we can see that the city invariably maintains the traditions of a thriving center. Work in Toruń also attracts employees from the surrounding areas and towns, because it is quite easy to find stable, good and well-paid jobs.