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Have you just vacated a place in your company and are you looking for a new employee? Recruitment may require a lot of resources, including financial resources. That is why a great solution is to choose a portal with free job advertisements.

Job advertisements Gdańsk - where to place a free job offer for an employee?

Many employers are wondering how to find a great employee and at the same time not spend too much money on the entire recruitment process. Instead of expensive offers on the Internet or cooperation with a headhunting agency, you can opt for free job advertisements in Gdańsk on the Poradnik Pracownik portal. It is this portal that has a very large reach, as it is visited by as many as 800,000 readers a month. There you can also find current job offers in Gdańsk and other cities.

Free and effective

An advertisement added on the Employee's Guide website will reach many thousands of readers immediately, and thus the chances of effective recruitment will increase. Currently, more and more job offers appear on the portal, thanks to which you can reach your target group. Free job advertisements can be placed by entrepreneurs through the system, i.e. a program that enables online accounting. Since July, the Employee Handbook has been offering job advertisements, in which candidates can find information such as: name of the position, type of contract, duration of the contract, type of position, obligations, requirements, and in some offers also salary ranges.

Only verified job advertisements

How to find the right employee?

It is worth knowing that an effective recruitment process is of great importance in the modern world. Searching for employees, especially in terms of rotation, is extremely difficult. The pandemic, as well as economic changes and inflation, mean that employees are more eager to look for better job offers, especially remote jobs. On the other hand, when they find a safe, mainly in financial terms, place of work, they stick to it. The search for the right employee is based on several important aspects. First of all, it is important to hit the right target group. That is why it is so important to properly formulate the job advertisement. A good solution is to present all important information in the offer, including the type of contract and remuneration. In this way, you can target specific groups of candidates. It is also important to present your company fairly and accurately. A job advertisement should encourage potential employees and make them more willing to apply to the company. Self-organized recruitment takes more time than cooperation with recruiters, but this is how you can get the most information about the labor market and get to know all the candidates.Sometimes it happens that the employer himself would choose a person other than the recruiter because he has different rules and other aspects are important to him. The entire recruitment process is time-consuming, so it is worth reducing the costs a little and deciding to post an advertisement on a free and well-known portal, i.e. on the Employee's Guide.