Free job advertisements in Katowice


Katowice is a city with a large number of companies whose scope of activities covers various industries. Thanks to this, finding the right offer should not be a big problem for those looking for employment.

Where to look for good job offers - free job offers in the city of Katowice

Until some time ago, the most popular ways to find a well-paid job were browsing the columns with offers in the newspaper or visiting the employment office. Currently, you can still use these solutions, but the best solution is to find out what is included in free job advertisements in the city of Katowice, which are placed on the Internet. A proven website with many favorable offers from verified employers is

By using this site, you can not only check current job offers in the city of Katowice, but also use practical filters that can significantly narrow the search spectrum and speed up the entire process. This makes finding a new job even easier.

How to make the employer consider the application positively?

An important issue when applying for a job is to make your CV correctly. A document is always considered in several respects. The first, perhaps not so obvious, is the form of the CV itself - the font, the layout of tables or fields with information, as well as the quality of the photo. An inseparable element is also placing consent to data processing. So how do you make a good CV?

When browsing through job offers, it is worth noting what qualifications companies from Katowice require. It is important that the CV only contains messages that allow the entrepreneur to judge whether or not you are the right person for the job. In addition, it is worth including information about the certificates you have, whether it is related to individual specializations or, for example, additional language courses or training. The whole thing should be supplemented with contact details and a legible photo. A CV prepared in this way will be the first step towards obtaining employment.

Job advertisements - Katowice is a city of many opportunities

Katowice is a city that is one of the main centers of the Upper Silesian industrial district. It is also a location where the service sector is developing dynamically. There are also offers from other industries. One of the most frequently chosen directions by people who are looking for employment is the IT and e-commerce sector, which has gained particular popularity in recent years, if only because of attractive earnings and the possibility of remote work.

Job advertisements in the city of Katowice for people without qualifications

There are many job offers for people without qualifications in Katowice. It is usually manual work on a construction site, but also job offers in the catering or service and commercial sectors. In the case of people without qualifications, it is also worth mentioning students who browse current job offers. Katowice is a location where owners of various companies and state institutions offer internships, where learners and others can find employment and gain the necessary experience.

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Free job advertisements in the city of Katowice for people with qualifications

Katowice is also a location where there are many companies that require specific skills from employees. It is worth mentioning here, for example, the IT sector, where knowledge of programming or operating telecommunications nodes is important. People are also still looking for people to work in medical facilities and schools. It will also be easy for people with a license to drive forklifts or a C + E driving license to find a job.