Free job advertisements - where can we post a free job advertisement?

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An effective and specific job advertisement is the key to quickly finding a specialist in their field who can take up the proposed job position. However, problems with finding hands to work in many industries generate excessive costs of recruitment processes. How to find an employee based only on free job advertisements?

Where to post a job advertisement?

In the past, an employer who was looking for an employee did not have much room for maneuver in the context of advertising his job offer. Word of mouth, whispered advertising, a visit to the Employment Office are the only ways that once guaranteed a quick finding of an employee.

Today, there are many more possibilities. Of course, the largest companies leave the recruitment area to professional entities that professionally provide services for recruiting specialists in every field. This is a very convenient solution, which actually limits the role of the company to listing requirements for the candidate and settling the bill for the service. The recruitment company will independently create an offer, find candidates, conduct the recruitment process, and finally pass the results to the company looking for an employee. However, this is an expensive solution that not every company can afford. If we want to find an employee as quickly as possible, without generating excessive recruitment costs, we have other alternatives. What?

First of all, the channel to which every Internet user who is looking for a new position reaches - portals with job offers. This is the most effective and reliable way for candidates matching the job profile to report their willingness to work for us.

Free vs paid job advertisements - what to choose?

Nowadays, employers have at their disposal over 30 portals that publish current job offers. This gives us enormous potential that will enable us to reach the widest possible audience. However, it is worth being aware that not every portal offers the possibility of placing a free advertisement.

Many of them operate on a subscription basis or on a payment basis for better visibility of the job offer. So, if we plan to hire an employee in the future, is it worth investing in paid ads on professional portals? First of all, it is worth doing research, not always paid portals are worth the price, while the free ones can surprise us positively. In this case, the reach with which a given portal reaches jobseekers may turn out to be significant. The greater the reach of a selected site for publishing advertisements, the greater the chance of accelerating the recruitment process.

Why is it worth reducing recruitment costs by choosing free job advertisements?

Searching for a new employee does not always have to be associated with additional costs. If a company is unwilling or unable to use paid recruiting methods, free job postings may be enough.

The biggest dilemma, however, concerns primarily who we are looking for and for what position. If a vacancy in our company requires expert skills, it is worth choosing a place to publish your advertisement, the target group of which is not only job seekers, but also people (including experts) who are not currently looking for a job. In this way, we are able to reach the talents who are currently employed - it may turn out that an attractive job offer will encourage such people to change employment.

Portals with free classifieds

As previously mentioned, portals with free current job offers can be our main source of recruiting new specialists. At the moment, at least a dozen or so portals offer the possibility of placing an advertisement for free. Why should we extend our offer by adding it to many portals?

Due to the much greater range. In many situations, applicants are used to using only one portal. However, we are not able to guess which of them is a potential source of offers for our ideal candidate. The more portals our job advertisement is posted, the greater the chance that the person interested will notice it or someone from the closest family will recommend it to him.

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It is also worth placing an advertisement for a job on local news portals. These are popular websites that enjoy high viewing figures among the inhabitants of a given city or region. If our company recruits in a specific city, nothing prevents you from placing your free advertisement there as well.

Social Media

We have quite thoroughly discussed the possibility of placing a free job offer on portals dedicated to this purpose. Is this the only place where our ad should go? Not necessarily. It is worth focusing on social networks that dominate the list of the most visited websites on the web.

We can place a free job offer both on our Facebook page and as a post in groups associating specialists in the field of interest to us. It is very important to consider what the ideal profile of the candidate for the position is before publishing a job offer. Based on this model, it will be easier for us to reach the right groups and communities that can enthusiastically accept a job offer in our company. It is also worth extending the search for an employee by publishing a job offer on other social networks.