Cistus - what is it and why is it worth drinking?

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Cistus tea has a great effect on our body. It is assumed to be better than green tea. It will also be useful for people who live in polluted cities and for smokers! Let's check the properties of cleansing and why it is worth drinking it!

Purging is not a medicine

The purge is often heard to heal many ailments. And at the beginning it is worth saying - purges do not heal. It is not a substitute for medications and treatments recommended by a doctor. Cistus is a dietary supplement that has many positive properties, but - which is worth emphasizing once again - it will not heal anything by itself. However, it can help strengthen the body and help fight infections.

Cistus - properties

Consuming a cistus infusion is good for our health. First of all, drinking this tea on a regular basis can help increase the body's immunity. It will give us energy and thus improve our mood.

It is also very important that purges cleanse the body of toxins and heavy metals. That is why it is recommended to people who live in cities with a high level of air pollution and who smoke cigarettes on a daily basis. Thanks to the daily consumption of the infusion, you can cleanse your body.

Cleansing also removes skin problems. Purges can help us fight acne and other blemishes. These are not all beneficial properties for the skin. It can also make wrinkles less visible and delay the aging process of the skin.

Having an unpleasant smell of sweat? Although you are hygienic, you can't do anything about it? The tea in question can also help here. If you start drinking it, the odor problem should disappear completely after a while. People who regularly consumed the infusion say that thanks to it, you can avoid perfumed antiperspirants.

Cistus has antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties, and helps fight infections. However, it is worth remembering that it is unlikely to cure them alone, although its use may speed up the treatment.

Thanks to these properties, we can also easily replace the cleansing infusion with liquid for the oral cavity.

Cistus - how to apply?

If we want to drink purges and notice its effects, we must remember that the most important thing is consistency. Tea must be drunk daily or even several times a day. Actually, it cannot be overdosed, so it is safe. Cistus (1 teaspoon) can be brewed up to 3 times! The infusion can also be consumed by children, and if the strong herbal flavor does not win their hearts and palates, it is worth adding a little honey to it.

Is it worth drinking purges? Surely! Tea can positively affect the functioning of our body. Thanks to it, we can strengthen our immunity, cleanse the body (and nowadays it is extremely easy to contaminate the body) or rejuvenate our skin. The purge is credited with a lot of healing properties, in principle you can get the impression that it can handle anything. Currently, however, there are no studies that would confirm such assumptions one hundred percent. Therefore, it is difficult to say with full conviction that a purge infusion is a cure-all. Eating it, however, will certainly not hurt us.