Planning your own career: What is a career? (part 1)

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Career it is an increasingly important issue in our lives. A dozen or so years ago, the society spent most of its professional life in one place. We change jobs regularly. Why? We want to develop, earn more and more, climb higher and higher. We want to make a career.

We used to associate the word career with TV stars, sportsmen, musicians or famous personalities. In recent years, however, the concept has taken on a completely new meaning. Today, practically all of us are doing a career. The professional path is one of the most important matters of our present life - thanks to it we are able to create our future. But what exactly is a famous career?

Professional career - what does it mean?

The very etymology of the word career says a lot about it. It is a term borrowed from Italian, where carrier means galloping, racing square or racetrack. Initially, in Poland, this word was used to name a road for horse-drawn carriages. With time (after adding the term "professional"), it was much more often used to describe a life path or a profession to which someone decided to devote his life. According to the definition of Ewa Rokicka (from the book Models of managerial careers in the state economy. From research on the population of a large city), a professional career is the professional roles and positions taken by individuals in subsequent phases of their lives. This term is also used very often in the context of expectations we have towards ourselves when it comes to our career path. Thanks to the fact that we develop and make progress, we can pursue new goals and levels of our own professional development. It is also associated with increasing financial profits.

Career development

If we want to manage our professional career well, we must have a good plan for it. Career development is based on continuous improvement of own skills and gaining experience, which enable achieving better and better position in the company and assuming responsible positions. It makes no difference whether we do it within one company or we go through each step of the career ladder in a different company. The most important thing is development and constant broadening of horizons. Increasingly significant positions allow us to earn more, and this goes hand in hand with a prosperous life and exerting an increasing influence on the immediate and further environment. It is widely known that work takes up most of our day and we spend the most time in it. So let's steer your career so that work is something pleasant and prospective for us, and not a sad necessity.

Career and personality

The saying: when you make yourself, this is how you get enough sleep is a perfect reflection of your professional career. It is only up to us what it will look like and how much we will be able to achieve thanks to it. Professional career is individual and most often depends on individual decisions of an individual. In this regard, the worst choice is passivity and stagnation. Therefore, we should not wait for emerging opportunities and possibly use them, but create them ourselves. Your career cannot be ruled by chance. Of course, it happens that a stroke of luck will allow us to change jobs for a better one, but in the end it should still be a well-thought-out decision. When choosing our own professional strategy, we should stick to a predetermined plan and make choices that will allow us to move towards achieving the main goal. It is important that we keep this in mind, especially when choosing additional courses of study, a new workplace or even a change of profession. In order to make choices correctly, it is worth assessing your skills and predispositions first in order to be able to confront your own strengths with the requirements of a potential employer.

In order to successfully plan your own professional career, you first need to achieve self-awareness and clearly define the goal you intend to pursue. If these two conditions are met, the rest will work out by itself - then stubbornness and ambition are enough to implement your plans.

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