What is the nursing supplement and who is entitled to it?


At the beginning, it should be clarified that the nursing supplement and the nursing allowance are two different benefits that are payable under other acts and under the conditions strictly defined therein. In both cases, the payer of these benefits is different, as is the body determining the right to receive them. Please note that persons entitled to the Nursing Allowance cannot receive the Nursing Allowance.

What is a nursing supplement?

The nursing supplement is a monthly benefit paid together with the old-age or disability pension. It is state aid to cover, at least partially, the costs resulting from the inability or limited inability to function independently of the benefit recipient.

Who can get the nursing supplement?

Nursing supplement may be applied for by persons entitled to an old-age or own pension who were found completely incapable of work and independent existence by a ZUS certifying physician. Persons over 75 years of age are granted it ex officio, which means that they do not have to submit any additional documents or prove complete inability to live independently.

Nursing supplement is not granted to persons placed in institutions providing round-the-clock free maintenance. The exception is when the person entitled to benefits stays outside these facilities for a period longer than two weeks a month. Then he is entitled to a nursing supplement.

Complete inability to work and live independently arises at the moment of such a violation of the body's efficiency that requires constant care and help of another person in satisfying the basic needs of life and the basic needs of everyday life. These include, among others:

  • eating meals,
  • dressing,
  • washing,
  • the possibility of buying food,
  • Keeping order
  • payment of fees,
  • the possibility of visiting a doctor.

Who grants the nursing supplement and what documents are required?

The authority granting and paying the benefit is the Social Insurance Institution. As mentioned earlier, people over the age of 75 are granted an allowance by the authority without submitting any documents, as it is granted ex officio. On the other hand, people who have a certificate of total incapacity for work and independent existence must submit the required documents:

  • health certificate on OL-9 form (not earlier than one month before submitting the application),
  • medical documentation and other documents relevant to the issuance of a certificate of total incapacity for work and independent existence,
  • application for entitlement to a nursing supplement.

These documents can be submitted at any time to any ZUS unit in person or by post.

The application is most often examined by the ZUS unit competent for the address of the person concerned. After analyzing and clarifying all the circumstances that affect the decision, ZUS should inform the applicant within 30 days whether the supplement will be granted or not.

In the event of a refusal to grant a nursing supplement due to total incapacity for work and independent existence, an appeal may be lodged against the decision of the authority granting benefits to the District Labor and Social Insurance Court. The appeal is made through the ZUS unit that issued the decision.

What is the amount of the nursing care supplement?

The amount of the nursing supplement from March 1, 2020 is PLN 229.91. Like the old-age pension, this supplement is indexed annually and increases with the indexation of the pension benefits. On March 1 each year, the amount of the allowance is changed. It should also be noted that the nursing supplement is free of income tax and is not subject to court or administrative enforcement. The nursing supplement is paid out together with the old-age or disability pension on the dates specified in the decision on granting this benefit.