What is EPU, or electronic writ of payment?


Enforcement on the basis of an enforcement order issued in the EPU (electronic writ of payment) in essence does not differ from ordinary enforcement proceedings. Only because the enforcement clause is in electronic form does it result in the procedure being conducted in a different form.

Electronic writ of payment procedure - purpose of operation

One of the objectives of introducing the possibility of pursuing one's claims in electronic writ proceedings is undoubtedly to relieve common courts of the multitude of cases. The EPU mainly deals with less complicated cases, which do not require evidence proceedings and do not require the appearance of the parties. Another objective that should be mentioned is certainly effective and much faster debt recovery. An important point to remember is that only cases initiated by the claimant's application may be carried out in electronic writ proceedings.

Electronic writ of payment procedure - mileage

To better illustrate the entire course of the proceedings, let us consider two cases when electronic writ proceedings are initiated:

  1. It does not require setting up an account on the EPU platform - in this case, it is enough for the creditor to have an electronic form of enforceability (if the creditor's attorney also does not have an account on the platform of electronic writ of payment proceedings, it is enough for the creditor to have a printout confirming his / her enforcement title). The printout confirming the possession of an enforcement title should be submitted together with the enforcement application at the bailiff's office. Then the bailiff can initiate enforcement proceedings (the bailiff is obliged to make an annotation that the enforcement takes place in the EPU system).

  2. By creating an account in the e-court on the website www.e-sad.gov.pl.