What is an electronic payment order (EPU)?


Electronic writ of payment procedure - what is it?

EPU (electronic writ of payment procedure) is one of the basic procedures for the recovery of debts from debtors. Such proceedings have been in force since January 1, 2010. These proceedings are mainly addressed to less complicated cases - such as recovery of receivables due to an unpaid invoice. In the case of more complex cases (i.e. those with a more complex factual state), the e-court will refer such a case to the court to be examined by the court in the ordinary course.

Electronic writ of payment - advantages

Nevertheless, claiming your receivables in this way brings many benefits, including:

1. there is no need to file a statement of claim or other letters and attachments in paper form, because everything is done in electronic form, it is undoubtedly a great convenience in today's,

2.The system allows you to easily create an e-suit using a form,

3.significantly lower costs compared to ordinary proceedings - the fee is 5% of the subject of the dispute value, in EPU only 1.25% (not less than PLN 30),

4.speed of the procedure - electronic writ proceedings are much faster than traditional court proceedings,

5. it is not necessary to submit an application for an enforcement clause, as the court automatically grants it after obtaining the order for payment,

6.If we already have an enforcement clause, we can submit an enforcement application to the bailiff using an account in the e-court.