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Scheduling tasks and organizing time are extremely popular nowadays, as they help in fulfilling and keeping all deadlines and obligations. In times of multitasking, workload and tasks, these types of activities can definitely help. More and more people are turning to a method called bullet journal to stimulate their creativity and make planning more than just filling out lists. This method is also spreading in our country. But what is it about?

Bullet journal - plan, take notes, be creative

Ryder Carroll is the creator of the bullet journal scheduling method. For many years he was looking for an effective way to create lists and shared the already developed system with the world. Although he presented precise guidelines for marking tasks, everyone adds something to this notebook, which makes them often small works of art.

Bullet journal is not just a place for to-do lists. It can also be a replacement for a calendar, planner, diary and any other notebooks. It is supposed to replace piles of cards written down every day and at the same time be something more than just a notebook, and additionally stimulate our creativity.

Bullet journal system

As mentioned above, while there are precise guidelines for keeping this type of journal, anyone can create their own system that suits them best and is easiest to use. However, it's worth taking a look at what Ryder Carroll has created as it can definitely be useful.

Tasks are marked with a dot ●, and their status can be defined using three symbols:

x - task completed

> - task transferred to a later

<- task to be performed in the future (further or closer)

We delete the canceled tasks.

In addition, events can be marked with a circle (◯), important tasks with an asterisk (*), and thoughts, notes, loose thoughts with a dash (-).

A good idea that will make planning and finding individual lists much easier is to number the pages and create a table of contents on the first pages. A title for each list / task / note will also be helpful.

On the initial pages of the notebook, in addition to the table of contents, it is also worth including a legend, thanks to which we do not confuse the established tags.

Creating annual, monthly or weekly calendars in which you can list all activities and plans without setting a specific date will also help to organize your tasks.

The most important thing is to plan specific days. Thanks to this, we can create the recently popular to-do lists and mark all tasks. It gives us an idea of ​​how much work we have left and helps to organize ourselves.

What can you put in your journal?

We have already said that bullet journal is not only a calendar, but also a place for all letters, notes, a kind of journal, diary. Therefore, there are so many things that it can be used for. For example, we can create a list of books we want to read, CDs we want to listen to, or movies we want to watch. A bullet journal can also be a place for shopping lists, favorite quotes, preparing a weekly menu, calculating calories and drawing scribbles. We can practice hand lettering, handwriting and really anything we want.

Achievement lists are also popular. They are useful, for example, in shaping habits. It is enough to write down what we want to do for the next 30 days, what we care about and mark each day whether we managed to do it. Thanks to this, we can see if we are able to achieve the goal.

This is what makes this planning method so popular. Bullet journal is definitely not an ordinary calendar and can be personalized in almost any way possible. A thing so tailored to our needs will not come up with even the most talented producer.

Bullet journal community

A large community has gathered around this creative way of planning and shares its ways to guide the planner perfectly. Challenges are organized, creativity is stimulated, and lively discussions are held that help to improve their organizational methods.

On Instagram you can meet with challenges such as #PlanWithMeChallenge, #RockYourHandwritting or #PTLDoodles. What are they about? People who keep their journals on a daily basis and share them with other people via social media, while inspiring thousands of people, come up with tasks for people who also use bullet journal.

#PlanWithMeChallenge is made up of three people who upload graphics every month on which they present tasks for the next days. Thanks to this, you can stimulate creativity, imagination and find new applications for your planner. Examples of tasks are: "What do you want to achieve this month?", "Write what you like to do in the evenings" or "What events are you planning next month".

#PTLDoodles is about everyday drawing of the so-called scribbles. The author of the challenge provides participants with topics for each day of the month. The task is extremely creative and helps you relax.

#RockYourHandwritign is a challenge created by a true bullet journaling guru - Kara from the Boho Berry blog. The task is similar to the #PlanWithMeChallenge, but it is about practicing your handwriting.

Bullet journal is great for anyone who performs better with handwritten to-do lists at hand. It turns out to be not only a planning method, but also a great way to relax and stimulate creativity. It's definitely worth a try!